Angel Cards

To look deeper into the angels, why not explore our Archangel pages?

Introducing the Angels


Welcome to our Angel page, it is our pleasure to bring the celestial world of angels and Archangels to you; we hope we can play a part in developing your connection with the angels. Angels are all around us, there is an infinite source of Divine Light and within this light there are an endless number of angels and Archangels there to guide and help us through our life’s journey. They exist as a guiding light for us on earth accepting us as mortals with all our frailties. Angels honour and celebrate our lives as humans and respect the efforts we make on our journey through life. They are always present to guide us and even when we forget to ask for their guidance they try to nudge us in the right direction. Angels and Archangels are always conscious of our need to make mistakes allowing us to learn on our journey through life. Along the road they celebrate our successes and they seek to support us in our losses, they never look on our losses as failures but simply as a way to learn and move closer to connecting with the divine. Angels have a deep love, understanding and compassion for human beings. We all have events that are destined to be a part of our life, these are sent to us to gain wisdom and angels cannot stop these events happening, however if we evoke the help of angels as we move through life we can often save ourselves from having to face the same lesson over and over again. We have free will to learn as we go along and therefore make our path in life easier.
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Our Guardian Angels

We all have a guardian angel sent to guide us and only us through life. Our Guardian angel is with us always though often we do not acknowledge its existence. They have a perfect understanding of our personalities and will be there to complement and balance us. At any given time we only have to take a moment to talk to our Guardian Angel, acknowledge its presence and ask for its help and guidance. If we are prepared to listen they are always prepared to help us.


Archangels, often referred to as ‘manager angels’ watch over the work of all other angels including our Guardian Angel. Each Archangel has specific qualities and responsibilities and as we learn more about these angels we know which angel to call on at certain times in our lives. To learn more about each of these archangels and their specific responsibilities please click on the archangel section at the bottom of the page.

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An Angel Card Reading

An angel card reading helps us to get closer to the angels and allows us to see where they are guiding us. Often the cards make us aware of blocks we have deep in our soul and point us towards areas in our lives we need to heal. With the help of the angels the angel cards can suggest areas where we need to improve our vibration to make our lives run more smoothly, often we are stuck in a negative thought process or we speak negatively regarding our lives.  Our angels can make us aware changes need to be made in order to move on. They are truly heavenly beings therefore they always send their messages with love and compassion, an angel card reading is full of understanding and hope. Along with our Guardian Angel and Archangels there are an infinite number of other angels around us each day, they complement and support the work of our guardian angel and the Archangels. Before experiencing an angel card reading it is very important to open your mind to the angels and welcome them into your world. Contact one of our experienced Angel Card readers today and take a step closer to your angels.