Archangels 2

Archangel Haniel

Also known as ‘Glory of God’ Haniel brings grace into our lives. If you want to bring grace and harmony into your world you should call in Haniel. She believes in the use of nature for healing, this can include natural remedies, the power of spending time with nature, the beauty of all things natural in our life, the effect of the planets on our state of being, she encourages us to connect and use these powers for healing.

When we want to connect with our intuition we should consult Haniel, she can help us to open channels which are within us all but can go untapped for a lifetime. She believes we are all psychic as we all experience gut feelings however many of us just do not develop this talent, ask Haniel and she will help you listen to the deeper messages coming from within yourself. Psychics of all types would call on Haniel for support and for guidance. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Haniel: Moonstone

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Archangel Metatron

Metatron is the angel associated with organisation, record keeping, planning, motivation and gifted and sensitive children. He is the angel most accountants, bookeepers and planners should keep close, he can support these people with honesty, honour, organisational skills and efficiency.

Call on him for help if you are overwhelmed by a task, if your world is upside down and you need help getting direction, Metatron is always a willing inspiration where organisation is needed. If you lack motivation or direction he will bring focus and inspiration on moving on positively. In life some children are born sensitive, special and gifted. This can be due to a strong link to the divine and Metatron is there to support these children and their parents as in many cases their gifts are overlooked. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Metaron: Watermelon Tourmaline

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Archangel Michael

Michael is most often associated with protection and bravery, he is often associated with protecting those in the army, navy and police forces. He is a very courageous angel who stands beside all those who go into conflict. Michael also concerns himself with our reasons for living, helping us to find the correct motivation for our life’s work. Many of us are lost and need help in direction and it is at times like these we need to call in Michael. It is Michael that can bring out our deepest strengths and lead us in the right directions.

As with the other angels he works on our vibration, raising it when it is down and giving us the energy to move on with our lives. He encourages us to know our own power to heal ourselves, to draw on our deep connection with the divine. As he is a protector he protects us in so many ways from negative things in life, he can protect us from the negative vibrations of others and from our own fears and insecurities. He gives us the courage we need to face our deepest fears and guides us through the changes we know we need to make. He gives us confidence in our decisions and actions. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Michael:Amethyst 

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Archangel Raguel

Raguel is considered the chief advisor to all the Archangels. He monitors the effects all the other angels are having on your life and he pulls them all together to make sure that in their entirety they are acting in your best interest. He makes sure all is working in line with the Divine order and will.

He can bring harmony and balance to your life during times of conflict; he has the ability to show us how to compromise to receive peace without denying our truth. When entering into any type of negotiations it would be beneficial to ask Archangel Raguel to guide you and help you to find a resolution. If our lives are upside down he will bring us back into balance by bringing us back in contact with our own truth.
Healing crystal associated with Archangel Raguel: Peridot

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