Archangels 3

Archangel Raphael

One of the best known of all Archangels, Raphael is concerned with health matters. These health concerns may be with a human or an animal, if Raphael is called in to give healing he comes for all. He acts as a support for all those who work in the health fields both physical and emotional. He encourages us to believe that we are all capable of great healings but we must first engage with our own life force and have faith in the divine.

Perhaps we are wondering where to go to seek help for a particular ailment, just ask Raphael and he will guide you to the best professional to help you. If you suffer from addictions call on Raphael and he can give the strength to face up to these addictions and clear our energies to help us take on the battle ahead. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Raphael: Emerald

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Archangel Sandalphon

Sandalphon was the twin brother of Metatron on earth, they were the only two archangels to have lived on earth before taking their places as archangels. Sandalphon is the patron angel of music, art, personal ascension and prayers. He brings the prayers of mortals to God so they can be answered and reminds us that the divine exists and encourages us to use the power of prayer to enhance our lives.

Sandalphon is there to assure us that no prayer is too big or too small; he assures us that the divine, the archangels and angels are there to hear our prayers and to support us. Not only is Sandalphon available to support musicians, singers and songwriters he is also a supporter of music for healing. The use of music to change vibrations has long been recognised by healers. He is devoted to helping those committed to personal growth; it is believed that he has a personal affiliation to people who are in pursuit of higher consciousness as he spent his life pursuing this himself while on earth. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Sandalphon: Turquoise

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Archangel Uriel

Uriel means ‘Gods light’ and it is believed he is so named because he brings light to situations and this light heralds warnings. This light can help us see the way when we are lost and it can allow us to understand that which seemed impossible to understand in our physical, emotional and our spiritual lives. When studying call on Uriel to help with understanding as he shines light on subjects which we often find difficult.

Uriel encourages us to turn our positive thoughts into realities; he believes that our thoughts manifest into our reality therefore it is very important that we put positive energy into thought, so when you are finding positive thought difficult call on Uriel for support. Natural disasters happen on earth all of the time, Uriel often sends signs for us that there is an impending disaster, he is always there to support all those affected by natural disasters. Uriel supports those who channel messages from the divine, he helps them to hear and see as clearly as possible. He supports messages sent to us all from the divine through thought; he helps us develop the ability to listen to these thoughts and to believe them. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Uriel: Opel

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Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel means ‘The Righteousness of God’, this archangel is concerned with forgiveness and mercy. He reminds us that we belong to a place beyond earth where we all belong together, a spiritual realm, where forgiveness is all important for our journey. We can call on Zadkiel if we are having trouble forgiving another or even ourselves for a deed or action which negatively affected our lives or the life of another.

He will aid in the healing of painful energies we have blocked in our souls and allow us freedom again to move forward and be a part of the universal spiritual world again. This freedom from blocked, unhealed, painful memories deep in our souls will in fact set us free to feel safe on earth; it also allows us to experience all that is good through love in this world and redevelop a freer connection with the divine. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Zadkiel: Lapis Lazuli

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