Archangels 1

Archangel Ariel

Ariel is the angel of nature. We can call upon her to help in any aspect of life that relates to nature, pets, wild animals or environmental issues. If you have a pet that needs healing, call on Archangel Ariel alongside Archangel Raphael, as both together are very powerful indeed. It is Archangel Ariel that encourages us to spend time with nature, enjoying the great outdoors. She believes in the healing properties of nature, spending time close to nature can often bring insights and recharge our batteries.

When in touch with nature Ariel would have us believe that miracles can happen, tap into the power of the universe and any wish can come true. While at one with nature she encourages us to leave behind our fears and visualise all we desire as she encourages us to believe it is by doing this we can rise above doubts and succeed. She encourages us to be imaginative and creative in our thoughts to receive miracles. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Ariel: Rose Quartz

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Archangel Azrael

Azrael is concerned with all matters surrounding death and also our transition into the spirit world. He is there to guide us from our physical lives to our spiritual lives helping to make the transition as painless and as easy as possible. He helps newcomers to the spirit world to adjust when they first arrive. The transition between the two worlds can be very difficult for some and the presence of Azrael can be comforting as he provides a feeling of safety.

His concern is also with those left to grieve the loss of their loved one, in this he has great kindness, empathy and consideration for those he is helping. If you have lost a loved one and are going through the process of grieving ask Azrael to be at your side, his guidance through the process of anger, guilt, pain and acceptance can be very comforting and valuable. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Azrael: Calcite

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Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel keeps us safe from the lower vibrations of life, he encourages love into our lives and encourages us to heal old hurts which are blocking our personal energy thus allowing us to move on. If we call on the help of Chamuel he will bring more positive relationships into our lives, he will bring us in contact with people on higher vibrations who are concerned with how they can enhance our lives and have only honourable intentions towards us.

He is often associated with bringing soul mates in contact with each other. He encourages the use of love in healing and wants us to experience the beauty love can bring into our lives. If we have an old hurt which is blocking the flow of love in our life we should call on Chamuel to guide us to let go of the hurt and free up our heart to love freely again.  Healing crystal associated with Archangel Chamuel: Green Fluorite

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Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is known as the messenger angel, she is thought to bring messages directly from God. She is the angel for parents and children, creativity and communication. It is Gabriel that would have us choose our words carefully and would believe in the power of the word, what we say so too shall manifest in our worlds. She encourages us to raise the vibration of our words to bring us to a higher vibration in life, this refers to words both spoken and written. We need to reach this higher vibration in order to experience the nicer side of life.

If we should need inspiration in writing a speech or in how to deliver news to a person we should call on Gabriel to guide us. Gabriel pays special attention to the relationship between parents and children, she encourages us to be patient and kind when times are difficult within our families, call on Gabriel when you need that extra support. Archangel Gabriel wants us all to connect with our souls; she wants us to experience the clearness of mind that comes with our connection to the divine. She is indeed a most kind, loving, compassionate angel. Healing crystal associated with Archangel Gabriel: Carnelian

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