Do our beliefs have a bigger say in our lives than we know?

For many years I lived week to week on what most would consider a frugal budget but I never ran out and I never worried about money, don’t ask me why because I worried about everything else known to man just not money.  For some reason deep down in my soul I always believed money would turn up and in the most part it did.

I was self-employed with a small business, buying equipment, paying the tax man, etc.  I never had an excess of money but I always believed I would have enough. I did not have expensive tastes, was not a big shopper basically was happy with what I had most of the time.  At 30 with no money to my back I needed to buy my house for my son and myself or we would have had to move from the house we were living in so I headed down to the bank and came out with a mortgage.  To everyone who knew me it seemed crazy as I fitted none of the criteria necessary to get a mortgage but get it I did.

Going into the bank that day I totally believed everything would work out, the figures added up for me and by the time I came out they added up for them too, I had no fear, I had no doubt just total belief it was the only way forward and it would be fine and it was.  In those days I seemed to work on the notion of supply and demand and it worked.

I had a friend back then that phoned me one day completely out of money, totally freaked out convinced that she had hit rock bottom, her wages had not been paid in a while and she had run out.  Anyway she could not decide what she was going to do and I said go back to work it will be fine the money will turn up.  It took some convincing but eventually she believed me and went back to work.  I said to her any time today that you worry about money put it out of your mind I guarantee you it will arrive.  She phoned later in the day and said you won’t believe it but I have just been paid all my back money but you see I had no problem believing it because I knew she would get money, it made no sense to me that she would run out.

So where am I going with this money thing, it only dawned on me recently that I only ever have enough money never an excess and that got me to thinking.  My belief is I will not run out, it is not that I will have excess or plenty and so I tend not to run out but I also tend never to have an excess.

So if how much money I have is dictated by my deepest beliefs perhaps all of my life is dictated by deep seated beliefs formed many years ago.

If that is true then when we meet brick walls in our lives should we have a look at the belief we have around that particular subject in order to move on.  Recognising a belief that is holding us back, taking it apart and accepting we need to change it may be a key to unlocking recurring unhappy and unfruitful events happening in our lives.

Just a thought!!



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