Enneagram Personality Type 1

Enneagram Personality Type 1

There are nine Enneagram personality types, here we look at Type 1, over the coming articles we will describe all nine, by the end you will know a lot more about the people in your life and you may in fact know a lot more about you!!!

Type One – Perfectionist / Improver

Words that best describe Type One – hardworking, industrious, meticulous, principled, balanced, committed, moral, self-controlled, focused, determined.

Ones are principled, hard working people with high moral standards.  They have a great sense of right and wrong and will strive at all times to make sure that fair play is in operation and that everyone is treated fairly and that right wins out at all costs.  If you were in a pickle they are very good to have in your corner.  In their world there is always more to be done, once they have a sense of purpose they will not give up.

Both in work and in life they are sure to cover all bases, they are methodical in how they approach a task in order to leave no stone unturned.  This can make them difficult to work with however as they have exacting standards and others find it difficult to rise to their expectations.

They tend to be rational in thought and therefore do not rely hugely on their gut which can mean at times they put rational thought before instinct.   At times this works out for them but not always, they need to learn to listen to their instinct more and be willing to roll with some changes as they need to happen.

As their standards are so high they are prone to criticise themselves and therefore often do not realise what good they have done, they tend to pick on what they have not done and overlook the good.  This can make life seem more difficult than it actually is for them.  Often there is a voice saying you could have done better, you should have tried harder.

On the very plus side these people take life seriously, they are dependable at work and at home, their high morals mean they endeavour never to let people down. They will go the extra mile as they will always strive to improve.  They do particularly good with systems, they work well with developing and following systems, they like to work to a method.

However their fear of making mistakes and not getting everything right can often mean they put off starting, it can stop them taking chances and developing, this can be a dreadful shame in their lives as they yearn to be such high achievers.  If this happens they can suffer frustration and anger.

Ones can achieve great things in their lives, they can be extremely wise, sharp and perceptive and put this along with a high moral code and a fair mind and you can have a truly extraordinary person.

If they rise to the full potential of their personality type they can achieve great things as they are willing to put aside their own personal gain for the gain of a cause or a people.

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