What Eye Colour Means

What Eye Colour Means

So what does the colour of your eyes say about who you are?

There is no doubt our eyes tell a lot about how we are feeling at certain times, when someone is full of life and happy you often hear people say their eyes are dancing in their head, when they are up to mischief it is often said there is a glint in their eye, when down in the dumps you will often hear their eyes are dead in their head, I could go on there are so many examples of times our eyes are used to access our mood.

But does the colour of your eyes determine anything about who you are as a person?  Many would say ‘Yes’, have a read and you decide!

Blue Eyes

People with Blue eyes are thought to be peace loving, thoughtful, intelligent, full of both life and fun.  They are happy when those around them are at their ease and content, they dislike causing pain in the lives of others.  When they make friends it is usually for life, the friendship will only come to an end if the other person has shown signs of being disloyal or nasty.  They are extraverts so it is easy for them to make friends; their skill is putting others at their ease.  They dislike people who are not straight and more than anything they dislike people who tell lies. They will always tell the truth when asked for an opinion but will take care not to hurt while they do so. Physically they are vibrant, with a sparkle in their eyes which is quick to catch the attention of others.  Usually youthful in appearance they remain young at heart throughout life.  Very little gets by a blue eyed person, they are very observant. They dislike conflict and will make every effort to be a consolatory force in life, with an innate ability to bring people together.

Black Eyes

As I am sure you are aware black eyes are not very common, there are many people with dark brown eyes but pure black is a rare sight.  However if you are lucky enough to have black eyes or know a person with black eyes there is a lot to be said in their favour.  They are honest, truthful, responsible, dependable, upright citizens. They have very strong personalities and are a force to be reckoned with when taken on.  You will not always know what is going on in their lives as they are slow to share their personal lives however when in a relationship they trust, they will let others in.  Equally if you want to share a secret and take someone into your confidence they are definitely the person to go too, you can depend on them to go to the grave with your secret. They do not need many people in their inner circle, they are independent minded, this often intrigues others and evokes interest. When they take on a project they will give it their all, they work hard, find it easy to apply themselves and will see any project through to the end.

Green Eyes

Green eyed people tend to court intrigue, there is an air of mystery about them which others tend to find enthralling. They are great company as they are always trying new things, always interested in what is going on around them; you will rarely be bored in their company.  There is always a sense of light-heartedness when a green eyed person is around; they see the fun in life and help lighten life for those who are lucky enough to spend time with them. They rarely stand back from a new challenge, loving the chance to experience new things in life. There is no doubt that they get the most out of life and mostly try to experience each day as it comes.  In the midst of this great zest for life you would be excused for thinking they don’t have much time for others but that is certainly not true, they will bring everyone along with them on their adventures.  They are loving and full of kindness and consideration, they have an ability to bring others up when they are down; their love of life is infectious. The only thing they need to keep a reign on is the ‘Green Eyed Monster’ as it is known, they do have a tendency towards jealously which they must keep in check.

Grey Eyes

If you are looking to spend time in the presence of a leader you should spend some time with a person with grey eyes, they are natural leaders with most of the attributes that you would look for in a person born to lead.  They have a natural ability to engage people, to have their opinions heard; they are astute, intelligent and shrewd. All of this, believe it or not wrapped up in a kind, caring personality.  They have a talent for making people feel at their ease which allows them get the best out of all around them.  They are able to have a balanced approach to problem solving, they are creative in finding solutions and they know how to bend with people to get the best outcome.  If they have a weak spot it is in personal relationships where they can find themselves vulnerable and easily hurt, so if you are in a relationship with one of these natural leaders know that in their personal life they need to be nurtured and cared for with love and kindness. They are filled with passion for any cause they take on; they are a good candidate to have on your side.

Hazel Eyes

People with hazel eyes are usually stylish, graceful, classy and sophisticated. They enjoy all of their senses being stimulated; they love style and looking good and enjoy having nice things in life.  They are full of fun, enjoying the people they spend time with, they love to experience new things and encourage others to live life to the full.  Added to this they stand back from nothing, they are fearless and bold in how they approach life’s difficulties. In love they are loyal, true and passionate; there is never a dull moment.  They will put effort into their relationships and introduce elegant and exciting aspects to their world in order that nothing becomes stale. They dislike being bored and will look to have the people around them to engage in activities to keep them entertained. They love to see people try new things; they are not conservative by nature but adventurous.  Adjusting to new ways is one of their strengths; they are particularly good at flowing with the wind. In fact if everything was to stay the same in their lives they would become very bored and restless, movement and change are ever important to them.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyed people are lovely to be around; they put everyone at their ease, not liking anyone to feel uncomfortable.  They are grounded, kind and caring and really good at being there for people in general.  They find it particularly easy to make friends and to keep them. If you needed a true friend they would be right beside you, if you were going through a difficult time in life you can always rely on them. You can always be at ease in their company because they are rarely controversial, they enjoy peaceful relationships. They have a love of all things natural, they love nature, flowers, animals and seasons in general you will find them down to earth people.  Creativity plays a large part in their lives, it is very important that they find an outlet for their creative side as without that they can feel stifled in life. Their eyes can make them appear quiet beautiful, mysterious and stately a winning combination. They tend to be self-reliant even though they enjoy the company of others, they dislike being dependent. For all that they are steady and reliable, kind and caring they also love trying new things in life, and they dislike the notion of becoming boring and tired of spirit.


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