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Who are psychicsvideolive.com?

We provide Live Two Way Video Readings for those who want guidance from gifted and experienced psychics. We have brought together a community of trusted psychics and it is our wish to marry the world of psychics with the world of personal development and enrichment. We hope you take the time to browse our site and enjoy reading the extensive information we have compiled for your enjoyment. Added to this we have a Relaxation Room where you can visit and partake in our free meditations and our blog which updates regularly and covers a broad range of topics.

Where do i find a psychic?

Psychics can be found on the ONLINE READERS page. When a psychic is Online they will be positioned at the top of the page, psychics who are currently offline can be found in the Scheduled Readers section. It is here you can access all our psychics, read up on their profiles and see from their schedules when they will next be online

What is FREE chat?

FREE CHAT is available once a psychic is online. You can click into FREE CHAT and from there you will enter that particular psychics FREE CHAT room. Once in there you will be able to both see and hear your psychic but you will only be able to text questions or comments across to the psychic. Other Site Users may be in the FREE CHAT room also, all Site Users in the room will be able to see each other’s comments as they are texted across to the psychic. This is a public chat room that allows you to get to know each psychic and decide if they are the psychic for you.

Why can't i text in Free Chat?

If you do not have a text bar when you enter FREE CHAT it means you have not registered or you are not currently logged in to your account. Go back to the ONLINE READERS page and click Log In or Register and the next time you go into a FREE CHAT room your text bar will be there.

What is VIP/Private Chat?

VIP/PRIVATE CHAT is where you bring your psychic for a private reading. You can do this directly from the Online Readers page or from their Free Chat room. Once in a VIP CHAT you can decide whether you wish to send across your video so your psychic can see you or if you want to continue communicating using text chat, the decision is yours. If you choose to continue communication using TEXT CHAT just type in you first question to your psychic once your line connection has been established however if you wish to send your video to your psychic just click on START SENDING at the top of your screen and your psychic will help you send your video from there, if just takes a few seconds.

Will I be able to see & and hear my psychic?

Yes you can see and hear your psychic at all times.

What will I need for a VIP Chat?

You will need to have purchased your credits prior to your reading as you will not be able to top up during a reading.
Also you will need a set of headphones, just the type you might use on your iPod or phone, they DO NOT need to have a built in microphone.

How do I Register for FREE?

Go to the top of the ONLINE READERS page and click into Register and enter your details. Once you register and if you go across to our FACEBOOK page [www.facebook.com/psychicsvideolive] and click LIKE we will add 5 FREE MINUTES to your account within 24 hours. You do not have to wait until the FREE MINUTES are uploaded to your account to have your first reading, you can log on immediately and buy credits and have a reading and the next time you log on you will find your 5 FREE MINUTES waiting for you.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Just click on Forgot Your Password under log in and enter your email and your password will be sent to you.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting us with your account details, to do this CLICK HERE.

How do I buy credits?

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How do i check my credit balance?

Once you are logged in you will be able to see your credit balance on the ONLINE READERS page above the TIME ZONE section.

Why do i have to set my time zone?

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What should I do if I am unhappy with my reading?

Psychics Video Live want all our customers to be satisfied with their experience therefor it is our policy to refund money to any customer that is not happy. Contact us for further details and to do this CLICK HERE.

Where should i go for tech assistance?

If you visit the SCHEDULED READERS section on the ONLINE READERS page you will see LIVE SUPPORT. Click into LIVE SUPPORT where they will bring you through any technical difficulties you may be having during a PRIVATE READING. You may be having trouble with your microphone, camera, broadband etc. LIVE SUPPORT will be able to identify the problem and endeavour to solve it for you.

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