Green Comet ‘Lovejoy’ arrives tonight

Green Comet ‘Lovejoy’ arrives tonight

Green Comet ‘Lovejoy’ arrives tonight obits earth once in 8,000 years.

Comet ‘Lovejoy’ as it is known will not orbit earth for another 8,000 years so this is a once in many lifetimes opportunity to spot it as it passes us by.

Discovered by Australian astronomer Terry Lovejoy, (hence the name!!) on the 17th August last year the comet is presently 44 million miles from earth and will be visible for the next 2 weeks.

As with most comets it is made up of a mixture of ice, rocks and dust.  When we imagine large here on earth we have so little concept of what large actually is in space, this comet is 3 miles wide at its centre where it is made up of ice and it is thought to have an overall diameter of 400,000 miles made up of gases, rocks and dust.  It is when sunlight passes through the gasses the comet glows green to the naked eye.

Visible in the night sky as a green ball of light it is better viewed through a telescope but can be seen by the naked eye.  It can be photographed with a camera using a telephoto lens, worth watching for that clear night to get the photograph of a lifetime.

In the coming weeks it will pass the constellations of Tarsus, Aries and Triangulum as it climbs higher in the sky and disappears from our view.

Make you wonder just how insignificant we are here on earth!!



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