Welcome to “A Thought for Tuesday”

Welcome to “A Thought for Tuesday”

Hi and welcome to my blog. I found this quote by Edgar Cayce and it made me reflect on the journey of Psychics Video Live.


One day sitting in an office over a coffee the gem of the idea Psychics Video Live was born.  In my life many gems of ideas have been conceived but few made it into the labour ward!  I like Edgar Cayce have learned over the years that many ideas are conceived but it is giving birth to the idea that makes it real.

It is true that some ideas should never see the light of day but you will only truly know once you have taken it out and made a start.   Sometimes we get bogged down in getting started, planning the beginning when all the time all we have to do is begin.

Today where you stand right now is as good a place to begin as you will ever find, one step at a time, one decision made, one word spoken all leads to a beginning.  Life is full of beginnings without beginnings we would never change anything.  All we need is to have faith that we know what is best for us.

I have learned everything is possible, against all odds we can all overcome obstacles.

We did meet a few obstacles along the way however more importantly we have experienced so many people who have encouraged or helped us in so many ways, too many to mention.  To them we owe our gratitude, you would be surprised how many willingly gave us a dig out.  So starting something new in life as well as the intended goal can lead to much more than you expect, it can reintroduce a sense of family, friends, community and general goodwill.

Today we have another beginning, today we welcome you to our site and we hope you enjoy being here with us as much as we have enjoyed our journey to bring this to you.  Welcome to our site, we are delighted to have you visit us, one day we began and today we are here.



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