It’s a wonderful life

It’s a wonderful life

It’s a Wonderful Life

One of my favourite movies of all times, directed and produced by Frank Capra, it has become one of the most popular American movies of all times.  In most homes Christmas would not be Christmas without it, so time again to curl up by the fire and get your hit of Christmas sentiment, I for one just can’t wait.

For those of you who have not seen ‘It’s  a Wonderful Life’ the infamous James Stewart plays George Bailey, a disillusioned man who is looking back on his life with nothing but regrets for all he did not do, for all the dreams he did not fulfil and for all the chances he did not take.  At each time in his life when he had an opportunity to leave his hometown and follow his dreams something else more important came up.  Anyway on this Christmas Eve he no longer wants to live, he has hit his final obstacle and he is left seeing his life as a failure.  Enter Clarence Odbody his Guardian Angel who intervenes and brings him on a journey to show him how his life did in fact have meaning, how he touched not only lives directly involved in his own life but the lives of a whole town.

It is a wonderful journey of a person’s life; maybe a wonderful journey of all of our lives as George Bailey is you and I.  It is all too easy at times to be disappointed with the lives we live, to feel we have underachieved, to feel our lives have been unnecessary in the greater scheme of things.  Watching this movie changed my opinion on this, this movie reminds us that we are all important in our own way.

All Georges decisions along his life impacted others, perhaps if we were to sit down and do an inventory of our own lives we would discover that all the little things we did along the way have had an impact, our lives are far from unimportant.  In those times when we feel disconnected from society, our friends and our loved ones perhaps we should take time to do that very exercise, we may be surprised.

Finally maybe at times it is good to stop and remember to thank people who touch our lives, maybe somebody in your life today feels taken for granted, feels like their life has been unimportant, why not take the time to remind them with your appreciation that they do count.  In the absence us all being granted a Guardian Angel like Clarence to come down and give us a tour of our lives we can if you think about it act as Guardian Angels for each other, bringing it on a step further we can act as Guardian Angel to ourselves.

Just a thought!!

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