Life’s Plans

Life’s Plans

‘Life cannot always be planned, sometimes you need to breath, let go, trust life and see what happens.’

Did you ever have a turn of events in your life that makes no sense and is so very hard to get through, well I have, plenty of times?

Times when no matter what I did life just seemed to have a plan of its own.   The one thing I have found though is that no matter what it was I always came out the other end changed, sometimes kicking and screaming but always changed.  After all let’s face it which of us wants to go through a period of pain filled change.

I often heard older people say ‘What doesn’t kill him will make him stronger’ which makes me wonder if they had the wisdom of what I am talking about now long before I had.  Is it with age we discover that life is not always a bed of roses and whether or not we understand how it works we all have to go through the ups and downs life sends our way.

Anyway, I digress I have found that as much as I have tried to plan my way out of difficult times, life just seems to take control and refuses to go with my plans.  Many years ago I was given the advice to just stop planning (if planning clearly is not working) and breath into to my body and let life happen.

So what is breathing into your body, good question? It means that you need to just stop thinking, let your body take over from your mind, notice your breath coming in and leaving your body, nothing else but concentrate on your breath.  So is this a type of meditation?  Maybe yes but in a much looser sense because its mediation on the move as I call it.

So when I find I cannot control life now I try to just breath and trust that something is being worked out in me and in time it will show its head and I will come out the other end.  I head out for a walk, meet a friend, climb a tree (maybe not quite that far) in essence I try to break my routine because staying in my head, worrying and thinking just seems to get me nowhere.  Now don’t get me wrong I know there are times that we have to stop and think, try to work things out, I am talking about the times where that is getting me nowhere.

So the conclusion I have come too is that life does not always make sense and that somehow the most important lesson I have to learn at these times is to let go of the outcome.  Learning to let go continues to be my greatest lesson of ‘trust’ in life.

‘Life cannot always be planned, sometimes you need to breath, let go, trust life and see what happens.’



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