Monthly Horoscopes

Monthly Horoscopes

February 2015 Monthly Numerology Horoscopes

January births:  To move forward in February successfully take heed of your strengths and weaknesses.  Work on the traits that will propel you forward.  Go after what you want but do not use ruthless tactics.  Win others round rather than going head to head with them (that’s how to play dirty properly).  Someone may be sucking up to you, which means they may be concealing things from you.  Don’t trust every single person you deal with, play clever.  Challenge yourself when the opportunity arises.


February births:  The energy surrounding you this month is of a spiritual nature.  This means you won’t be thinking logically, if any important decisions are required rethink a few times to ensure you are grounded.  It is a beautiful energy (I call it La La Land energy) that allows us to escape from reality but you must remember to come back and face up to life’s problems.  For those embarking on a new romance it may just prove a lasting relationship.  This is a month to enjoy and bask in happiness even if it’s pretend and fairy like.


March births:  This is a month to think of you and only you.  You so often have compassion, time and thoughts for others but leave yourself out.  This month focus on your needs; put the necessary work in to develop yourself.  This may mean you taking one or two steps back to truly look at yourself before you can move forward.  It means living for today and dropping old issues or old ways of behaviour that aren’t working.  Stop worrying about what others think, feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.


April births:  Get lots of sleep and rest: as you’ll need it.  This month is busy, busy and then busy again.  Do as much as you can, don’t be idle; be focussed and energised to get things done.  This truly is about being a fanatic and achieving your end goal.  This energy can also produce important messages that you may not always recognise initially.  This month is also about learning to adapt as quickly as you can to changing situations, some of these may be out of your control.  Therefore things may not go according to plan.


May births:  You may feel like dropping projects or friendships that have gone stale, don’t do this.  Instead breathe extra life into them.  Finish any project that has been on going and don’t give in to boredom or tediousness.  There is a slight warning surrounding someone who will show you their true colours this month, you will be surprised who it is.  Motivate and support others as much as you can.  Be strong, balanced and reasonable, you will come out of this month much stronger.


June births:  When we have a vision of how we want our life to be we have two choices: be safe and do nothing or venture out and try something new.  Open your heart and mind to new possibilities, if you feel you are in a rut you have the power to change it.  Plan ahead for the best possible results.  Be careful of following what someone else wants to do, it may not be your dreams you are following.  You have so much to give go out and show others.


July births:  Keep your thoughts to yourself completely!  If you have something to say do so from a cool detached, logical view.  Getting emotionally involved is not a good thing.  Take control of situations; show others you’re the boss.  Get out and socialise, life is for living and having fun.  By thinking positive you’ll attract even more of that energy.  There may be an opportunity to start something new, go for it, don’t turn it down.


August births:  You may have a feeling of not knowing where you stand this month.  Remember the World isn’t against you it only feels like it is at times.  Stop battling yourself and others.  Work out your priorities and fight for what you want.  Don’t indulge in wishful thinking, be realistic and you just may be amazed at what you can achieve.  Wear your heart on your sleeve and show someone how much you care, flirt to your heart’s content, it will do you and someone else wonders.


September births:  Are you purposely taking on too much so you don’t spend time with others? Are you aiming too high without looking at your limitations?  Something is out of kilter.  You don’t have to carry burdens on your own, share them.  This month literally allows you to start again, to drop everything and wipe the slate clean.  You truly are compassionate and caring and always want to be seen as the one that copes but sometimes you need help too.


October births:  What a wonderful person you are going to be this month: calm, diplomatic and thoughtful of others.  Bite your tongue.  It looks as if you have not been told everything about a situation, but things will soon come to light, just bide your time.  Follow your intuition in all decisions and take your time especially when signing contracts, look at the fine print.  If in a relationship how dependent are you on the other person?  Maybe now is the time to have a readjustment.


November births:  Sometimes no matter how much we move forward the past catches’ up with us.  Having regrets or feeling guilty is an emotion that requires thinking through to work out why we feel this way.  If need be apologise, right that wrong or simply move on.  Learn from past situations especially where new ideas come in.  You can change your future so start working on it now.  November births have an uncanny knack of having the ability to rebuild their lives.


December births:  Wow you really are a formidable opponent this month: defend yourself don’t be brow beaten.  Others will be in need of your assistance, give them your support and strength.  Be careful of overdoing this; don’t suffocate them.  Do so much, then stand back and let them help themselves.  Whatever is thrown at you this month deal with it, you can persevere and actually come out on top.



Louise Sullivan (Numerologist & tarot card reader)


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