Monthly Horoscopes

Monthly Horoscopes


 January may be the first month of our calendar year but March is really the month for new beginnings.  It’s the first month of Spring, growth and excitement is in the air.  We have had three months of Winter and time to plant our ideas, now is the time to watch them grow.

January births:

I love this energy; it’s asking you to brighten yourself up, be confident and fiery, and have that long overdue argument.  You can see the bigger picture others can’t, so show them.  You must put time in at home this month especially if you don’t want a divorce or a parting of the ways.  Hold back that jealously or keep your controlling nature in check.  Be careful of any dealings check all the details.


February births:

Been there, done it, here I go again.  But what have you learnt?  Sometimes we end up on a merry-go-round simply because there is another lesson to learn or we haven’t finished a particular journey.  Whatever plans you have in place will be successful in the future, not now, there is still work to be done.  Enjoy yourself and have fun, get ready for next month.  If you do nothing else this month just make sure you stop and look at your current situation, whatever is not working let go.


March births:

Things can go either way this month very exciting or very boring, either way don’t force anything.  Sometimes when you want something too much regardless of how much work you have put in, it evades you.  Letting go of the want can work wonders.  For the exciting side it may mean starting new projects but having to take a leap of faith, the boring side is really purely work and work.  Either way something big can come from this month for you.


April births:

Someone you know may be trying to either mislead you this month or being very careful with their spending – they want you to spend instead.  Watch out!  For those single April births there may just be romance coming into your lives.  It could be a very passionate encounter  that you’ll always remember or a long lasting relationship can come from it.


May births:

Sorry May births you are asked to rein in the money – if you don’t the next few months will be hard.  Perhaps you are resisting change in some way?  You may feel powerless in a situation and resort to old behaviour patterns that did not serve you very well in the past.  Are you holding on to a relationship that is past its sell by date?  Look at your life and see what needs changing.


June births:

If you have waited for that grant or extra payment it’s on its way.  Sometimes we worry that by expressing an idea someone else claims it as their own.  Now is the time to share your ideas, just make sure others are around when you do.  Have faith that sometimes the Universe knows what it is doing, trust others.  Be careful of wanting to be too liked and impressing others, they may have more money or material possessions but that doesn’t mean they are better than you.


July births:

This month may give you a second chance at something, but are you ready for it?  Make sure you are as this could be a very important phase for you.  Now is the time for you to step out from the shadows of someone else and grab those opportunities.  Fake the confidence if need be, just simply do it.  Use your diplomatic charms to get what you want.  Start networking with the right people even if its groups or acquaintances that may be of use to you.


August births:

Fed up with the same old thing, no challenges, bored.  It’s up to you to do what you can and make the most of your life.  That long awaited recognition may be here sooner than you think.  Be careful of being over confident or blasé, you may end up losing it all.  You may feel as if you or your life is not balanced, something is missing.  This is the time to follow what you truly want to do.  If you believe in the spiritual realm or in something higher than ourselves – listen – they are trying to tell you something.


September births:

You may want to manipulate a situation to ensure the right outcome, believe me it won’t be the one you want.  Be strong and adventurous but not manipulative or bossy.  Keeping your emotions in and not saying how you feel won’t wash this month.  Show yourself as cool and in control all the while moving forward.  You may need to have assistance from others; this is not a problem, its good, go with it.


October births:

You are going to need to be extra tough this month with yourself.  If you believe others are out to hurt you do not respond.  Go home and think about it.  It may be you.  You have a lot of creative energy around you during this month which in turn becomes sensitivity if not used.  Be charming to those you care about and have fun.  Creativity can also mean a spark of life begins (and yes I mean babies).  This can be a lucky month for all sorts of reasons.


November births:

If a situation has been puzzling you or it feels as if you have not been given all the facts, everything will become clearer during this month.  It may leave you feeling a bit lost or unsure, you have no option but to cope and move on.  Part of this clarity may also show you that someone has had too much power over you, or you gave them too much power over you.  Start pulling it back, don’t do anything rash as it may take months to sort out.


December births:

You may need to take time out this month to reflect on things, do it but don’t take too much time.  By being slow to react or indecisive the outcome won’t be in  your favour.  If you have had lots of moments where you have felt ‘I should be doing….’ then do it.  What on earth are you waiting for?  Stop searching for perfection, it doesn’t exist.  You may feel like studying or researching, learning a new skill, it will definitely be worth it.


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