Numerology Horoscopes for May

Numerology Horoscopes for May

Before I bring you Horoscopes for May worked out using Numerology let me tell you a little about the energy behind May 2015.

Each month has its’ own energy.  As the month approaches it’s vibration can be felt; change is in the air.  May’s energy is one of pausing, checking where you are and if necessary altering your course.  May asks you to live for the moment; leave situations that are holding you back.  Be careful of taking criticism to heart; think about the words that are wounding or stinging you.  Have they got a message for you?  Are you being truthful to yourself?

When the month is added to the year a further energy is produced.  May 2015 energy has a mixed bag of experiences.  Some will experience confusion, others may have clouded their judgement, with many others missing opportunities due to confidence issues.

May’s overriding message to everyone is to be both patient and active.  What an odd mixture.

Above all, go out and enjoy yourselves; Spring is in the air.


Numerology Horoscopes for MAY ’15  – as you can see Numerology horoscopes are based on the month you are born not on your star sign as with Astrology, hope you enjoy them and that they ring true for you as you make your way through May ’15.


January 2015 – Your Second Chance

Wow, this month January births have an opportunity for a second chance at something.  May’s underlying message for you is to look at where you spend your time, who are you supporting and for what reason?  This will not be easy; as you are asked to be honest with yourself.  When we begin to look at what makes us tick it can make us feel uneasy.  If there is something you truly want to do, then go for it in May; you never know it may just work out.  Patience is needed.  Don’t just simply rush in, look at the details; be realistic and practical.  We all require money to pay our bills and exist with some form of lifestyle.  Sometimes though there is an inner calling, something that money doesn’t require or will not fix.


February 2015 – Karmic Vibration

February births may have a tough time this month.  At times our past actions (good and bad) return to us at a later date.  If you have previously made a mistake, apologise now.  Make amends, realise you were wrong and move on.  If you were wronged in the past, this month attempts to put that right.  For February births this month karma revisits.  A hope or a dream can be realised by many, some thought this moment would never happen.  This is a time for ambition and stretching yourself.  Others may feel trapped in something they feel wasn’t their fault.  Are you being truthful to yourself?  Have you taken responsibility for your past mistakes, you can turn this around easily.


March 2015 – We conjure up our own Fear

March births may feel like withdrawing from others or going within.  This is ok as long as it is for reflection purposes and for seeking inner ‘wisdom’.  To withdraw from your partner or loved one is not a good idea so discuss your worries with them.  Fears surround us all the time, if you choose to get drawn in and follow that path, where will it leave you?  Fears are energies, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  On a much brighter note this month can promise the start of something wonderful.  Believe in yourself and your abilities, start off with an idea, work towards it and watch it grow.  It could even mean a great time to start a family, pick up that wonderful energy and work with it.


April 2015 – Fight for what you want

April births may need to re-skill or sign up for a new course.  If this is you, it is something you’ve already visited before or been thinking about, the idea isn’t completely new to you.  Hone your skills, put the hard work in and prove to others and yourself you are not a one trick pony.  Be wary of someone attempting to hoodwink you.  You may think they have your best wishes at heart, they don’t.  If you do not heed this warning there will be a certain amount of loss on your side so be careful.  Foolhardy schemes can ruin anyone; make sure your schemes are realistic. You may have a tricky situation around a relationship, stand your ground (this doesn’t mean bickering or arguing); take control.  If you don’t know where you stand, find out, don’t take second place.


May 2015 – Winning at any cost

May births may feel torn between wanting to help themselves and knowing they can achieve more by joining forces with others.  You may win a battle with a cross word or two but the other person may win the war.  Sometimes stepping back and being the bigger person means you win.  Don’t allow your mouth to run away with you, use self-control and think through the bigger plan.  Some May births may have had some success already and are being recognised for this.  Carry on, enjoy the success, there isn’t anything scary waiting for you.  Another element to this month is asking you to be progressive, seek out and explore your options.  Remember a jack of all trades is master of none, focus and realise your potential.


June 2015 – Get your house in order (June and July births are closely linked – read both)

For those June births wanting to go it alone make sure you have examined your motives.  If others are hindering your journey then you have no choice but to act on your own.  If you are somehow feeling smug about how you are acting or what you are achieving it will backfire.  Fate has a handy way of changing our direction when we feel we have the upper hand on others.  Either way something isn’t right, you’ve missed something.  Or perhaps you aren’t being truthful to yourself.  Be careful of isolating yourself so much that you cut yourself off from others.  We all need people at some point in our lives.  This truly is a magical energy because it can put us on a path that we should have been on in the first place – whether we like it or not.


July 2015 – Go for it! – (July and June births are closely linked – read both)

Go for it, all guns blazing.  Sort out your priorities; get ready for action and put lots and lots of work in.  The more you do the more you’ll achieve.  Don’t be lily livered, grab those opportunities.  You have two choices, stay as you are or change.  This is a real choice month.  Staying as you are means you are not growing and giving in to worry and anxiety, accepting the challenge allows you to change direction.  By challenging yourself and others you will achieve much.  This magical energy is here for a month so make the most of it.  Literally what you think can be manifested in time – remember that is also the same for worry and fear.  Think positive and watch your World improve.


August 2015 – The end of the pain

Sometimes when we are feeling down the World feels as if it is against us.  August births have a chance this month to turn a horrible long lasting situation around.  This is about the ending of one thing and the starting of something good.  There are always choices; stay with the victim mentality or turn this around to your advantage.  It does require cunning and perhaps ‘slight’ of hand.  If having to act this way exercise damage control.  Showing your hand too soon may lose you a great opportunity, not acting means you also lose.  Karma is waiting to assist you but can’t until you walk through that door.


September 2015 – Love & choice (September and November births are closely linked – read both)

September births may need to muster as much personal charm as they possibly can to deal with a situation this month.  Be the one in control. If someone comes back into your life to pursue where they left off think before you jump right back in.  Who had more control last time round? Were your interests looked after?  By all means pick up that relationship again but this time on your terms.  Don’t fall for their charm and looks, fall for their faults.  Look at other options, look further afield.  For other September births there may be a parting of the ways.  This is the natural progression of life; you will live to love another day.


October 2015 – Take on the qualities of a mercenary!

Pick your self-esteem up off the floor and do something that will boost your confidence.  Those around you have no idea how you are feeling so tell them.  Your calm exterior tells family and friends that you are ok.  Being timid and not tackling your life issues show that you are not in control of your life, someone or something else is.  You’ve made mistakes, who hasn’t?  It’s what you do about them that matters.  You can have the future you dream of, but it won’t happen over-night; plan your way there.  Think before you speak, your words may come back to haunt you.  Wake up tomorrow with the fighting spirit of a mercenary.


November 2015 – Responsibility & sacrifice (November and September births are closely linked – read both)

When we emotionally control others no one is the winner.  Are you the controller or the recipient?  Love is a very powerful emotion that brings both war and peace.  We love our families and they love us (for most) but at what cost?  If you are doing everything for a loved one and receive nothing in return, then you are acting godly; you’re human, not godly.  Learn to love yourself and to receive love.  If you are the latter and struggle to receive love or attention from others you are missing out.  Certain responsibilities this month may weigh heavier than usual, so shift some of the weight.  Give others some of it; don’t take everything on board yourself.


December 2015 – Spring is in the air

This may just be a great month for December births.  A lot of hard work is paying off so take that well deserved holiday or weekend away. Enjoy life to its fullest.  Some of you may have had a long uphill battle to get where you are, but wasn’t it worth it?  Now you’re here, lessons learnt and so much wiser.  Take a moment or two to stop, to pause, look around you and enjoy what you’ve got.  Don’t take it for granted because you’ll soon be back on that merry go round.  Others may feel more sensitive than usual.  Instead of allowing criticism to affect you go out and socialise, be amongst others.  Enjoy the beauty around you.  Some December births allow their imagination to run away with them, if this is you do so in a positive and joyful way.



Louise Sullivan xx (Psychic, Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist)

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