My Happiness First

My Happiness First

Self –compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.”
By Christopher Germer

I wonder do you like I sometimes feel exhausted by the end of a day, then perhaps a lesson in self-care would be useful. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the activities, trails and worries of life and forget to take care of the most important person which is yourself. How to nurture self-care, now that’s the question?
When you are asked to do something for someone else do you stop to think is doing this going to be good for me. Spending a life serving others is counterproductive, we all have a path that we should be taking for our own lives but so often get caught up in the lives of others. Maybe it is time to stop, you know we all know when we are pleasing others at the expense of ourselves. We may not always know how to stop but we sure do know deep down when it is happening. We all have that place in our belly that tells us and maybe it’s time to start listening.
Deep down we know when we don’t trust somebody, we know when we are being lied to, we know when we are being used, we know who we don’t like to be around, in actual fact inside us we know all we need to know. Therefore all we need to do is stop and take heed of what we already know.
Sometimes we silence the voice inside of ourselves so we do not have to face the fact that we do not want to let other people down, we do not want to rock the boat so it is easier to silence our own voice, but that is damaging.
We have one life to live and perhaps a good idea is to take time every day to check in with your inner voice, listen to what it has to say and for a change decide to please it and not everyone else. Taking care of yourself and showing yourself the kindness you would show to others is the greatest gift you will ever have to give.

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