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Numerology Horoscopes for April by Louise Sullivan

Numerology Horoscopes for April by Louise Sullivan

We are all accustomed to our Horoscopes based on our star signs however our Horoscopes can also be worked out using the ancient skill of Numerology, using our month of birth.


So here are our ‘APRIL HOROSCOPES’ based on Numerology, by our resident Numerologist Louise Sullivan.

January births:

The energy surrounding January births during April is one of optimism and hope. Having ideas and enthusiasm is great as long as you have the courage to explore them.  We all have hopes and dreams and many never materialise, perhaps some are not meant too, they are purely fantasy.  This is where the dividing line comes in: are your ideas fantasy or can they actually materialise?  As long as you think them through and are realistic, you can achieve success.  Be wary of someone coming into your life and trying to pull the wool over your eyes.  Young January births (in age) tend to want to give and give to others especially a partner.  This sometimes puts them at a disadvantage, in particular this month watch out for this.  Don’t allow others to bully you, stand your ground.


February births:

The energy surrounding February births during April is one of action and doing as much as you can.  If a number of projects are under way, throw everything at them.  The more you do the more you will realise you can do.  This is not a time to be a wall flower, get out, spread your wings.  Keep as focussed as possible, study, research whatever is required to achieve your end goal.  Sitting on your laurels will not earn you either the rewards or outcome you want.  This energy won’t be around for a while again so make use of it.  The higher energy of this month for February births is one of realisation and clearing the way for better things.  Fate has a hand in this therefore adapt and change as necessary.  You won’t win if you fight against fate.  Get as much sleep as possible, you will need it.


March births:

The energy surrounding March births during April is one of karma and justice, what goes around comes around.  This is quite an interesting month for you as all sorts are going on with many contradictions.  You may feel as if you don’t want to be alone, you want to share your exuberance and energy with others.  You will feel like an extra burst of Spring is in the air coming right at you.  Sudden changes or surprises may occur that begin something new, it’s good.  Lucky you!  Don’t drop friends or projects, try and keep everything going.  The energy surrounding April for you is karmic therefore whatever you put in (or don’t put in) will come back to either reward or bit you.  Some with this energy may feel like controlling others or situations, don’t, work with others for the right result.


April births:

The energy surrounding April births during their month of April is one of release.  This can come about because you’ve moved on, you have dropped emotional baggage, bad relationships, the list goes on.  If you haven’t done this already, stop and pause, think about things then act.  This month is about release and enjoying yourself, you have put the hard work in, now take that well deserved rest.  This month is about living for the month, live life to its fullest.  Think of your next plans, have vision, be bold.  If you’ve been wanting something so badly it hurts, stop wanting it.  It’ll come, eventually, if it is meant to.  You are a natural problem solver and very good at details, therefore rather than ‘over wanting’ look at other ways of achieving it – calmly and without urgency.


May births:

The energy surrounding May births during April is of fresh beginnings and expansion.  A lot can be achieved by utilising this energy.  This month is about you literally jumping into something, some may do this feet first, others may plan and orchestrate their moves with care.  Whichever one you are, the outcome is unknown but to some that’s excitement, to others very very scary.  Don’t think everything will go smoothly, it won’t.  You may feel out of sorts or not know where you stand.  That’s fine, work through these feelings or issues.  Others may be trying to ‘get at you’, it’s not imagined, they probably are.  Don’t rise to it.  Sort out your priorities, manage your load and temper your emotions.  Underneath everything change is happening, it will be a slow process but from this can come a better you.


June births:

The energy surrounding June births during April is full of love, support and standing up for yourself – what a mixture.  For those in relationships or situations that perhaps are not going as well as they want now is the time to assess whether you still want them.  Trappings (materialism or wealth) cheapen us.  They can keep you in a place that isn’t always healthy.  Love and happiness comes from being who you truly are.  For others this month’s energy is about supporting your family, giving your time (not necessarily money).  Being responsible is a big thing, but many take on too much, especially from others  They feel they should be doing something for their loved ones.  You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.


July births: 

The energy surrounding July births during April is one of ‘get on and do it’.  You may feel trapped in a situation that you believe is caused by someone else but it truly isn’t.  Sometimes we blame our limitations on others.  If you want something so badly it is up to you to make the change or surge ahead.  Listening to other opinions is fine but at the end of the day you have to live with your decisions.  Sometimes this energy can cause a little of bit of controlling (you or someone else controlling you).  Step out from the shadows.  Stay focussed, find your voice and follow your vision.    You may have an opportunity this month to teach others, do it.  Sometimes simply a word is enough to actually help a loved one, healing comes in many forms.  One spoken word speaks volumes.


August births:

The energy surrounding August births during April is one of unlocking the real you, even if it means a secret coming to light.  If something hasn’t gone how you wanted it to don’t allow the blues to take hold.  Get out in the fresh air and blow any sadness away.  Sometimes we take on so much in life that it becomes a burden, can this be because we are hiding away from what truly matters.  Letting go of the load and facing the truth can be liberating.  This month’s energy for you offers a chance to look within yourself and act upon what you find.  It’s a month of finishing things that have gone stale, relationships, jobs anything.  It is also the month to clear the way for new beginnings.  What’s holding you back?


September births:

The energy surrounding September births during April is asking you to stop running away from past mistakes.  Face up them and change.  You can achieve your pot of gold in time if you put plans in place and work towards them.  Live life to the full.  This is about self control and reining in any behaviour that is seen as self-destructive.  You may have an urge to go for something that means more than money, follow this, your inner soul is reaching out.  Some success has been had, don’t sit back go for more.  Be very careful of allowing any success to date going to your head.  When things begin to go well we can feel victorious and stop focussing.  September births can achieve much success in their lives as long as they always pause, reflect and then act.


October births:

The energy surrounding October births during April is one of reflection and action – again a contradictory month.  Be careful of allowing ego or a desire for material success to be your motivating factors for moving forward.  This month’s energy does give you an added advantage over others.  This month for October births is ruled by the magical 7.  You may feel as if you are being pulled in two different directions.  Making sure you balance both your material and spiritual urges is key to your development.  Others may see you as mysterious this month, not actually letting anyone else into your plans.  At times you may feel a if you want to be out there amongst the pack, ducking and diving with the best of them, at others time alone is needed.  Whatever you wish for can come true.


November births:

The energy surrounding November births during April can feel amazing, a blessing for some and for others severe emotional outbursts can occur.  On one hand this month can bring emotional happiness to those who have worked for it and taken on board past mistakes.  On the other hand those that are intolerant or dominant may not have their wishes realised.  This month many may  struggle with the dividing line of being centre stage with lots of drive and ambition and those that need emotional development.  When we are unable to express how we feel to others it can seem explosive or aggressive.  Either way much can happen this month that if handled properly can bring ensure future months will go as planned.


December births:

The energy surrounding December births during April asks you to be patience and calm at all times.  Be careful of acting like a doormat this month.  Everyone wants companionship which is healthy, some want it at any cost which is not healthy.  Being supportive of others is great but not at the cost of your needs.  Following your intuition or inner feelings is extremely important.  If you want to carry on with a new venture or even go back to school – start it now.  I really don’t wish to sound too new age but this month is really about you finding out who you really are.  It’s a fabulous opportunity for you to come to terms with your weaknesses and work on them and an opportunity to show others your strengths.

Hope April brings all you wish for, see you again in May with your numerology horoscopes, stay safe.



Louise Sullivan xxx (Numerologist, tarot card reader & psychic).

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