Numerology Horoscopes for August

Numerology Horoscopes for August

Louise Sullivan is a Numerologist, she compiles our Monthly Horoscopes based on the ancient art of Numerology.  Every month of the year has an individual energy and as well as bringing you horoscopes for each month she also writes a section on the energy of the month.  Numerology bases its horoscopes on the month you were born unlike astrology with the zodiac signs. Have a read and see what you think.

Each month has its own energy – This is August’s energy

Every month gives you the opportunity to examine various aspects of your life and decide what changes can be implemented to improve your life.

Throughout August everyone is asked to properly manage their personal affairs, to check their finances and ensure everything is balanced. The most important area is to review your relationships and behaviour patterns. Does anything or anyone have more power over you than you do? Reclaim your power and be the magnificent person you were born to be.

When the month is added to the year a further energy is produced.  August 2015 energy is one of taking action and standing by your words – so make sure they are accurate and kind.  This energy can cause upheavals and turn your world upside down.  For some it brings renewed freshness and clarity of thought.

For those born in the month of August your life experiences may centre round learning to overcome fear of all types.  You’re asked to take control of your life, be a leader of others and more importantly feel comfortable in your skin.  Some may see August births as weaker than others; in fact they’re stronger and can become fearless.


Horoscopes for August 2015.

January 2015 – Deal with it!

Be careful of rushing decisions or jumping in at the last minute on something as it may just backfire.  You may be biting at the bit but use caution and check everything out first, as they say ‘look before you leap’.  For some there may be a little bit of a shock in store, which could already be building.  There isn’t much you can do about this except pick up the pieces.  Try not to be too controlling with relationships, it doesn’t make for a happy co-existence and in the end is fruitless, nobody ends up happy.  Fight for what you believe in but not at any cost. If the fight is too long or too difficult sometimes you have to stop and reassess what you are fighting for, is it really what you want or is it just what you have become used too.


February 2015 – Who am I?

Some February births may feel all they do is argue.  If this is you, ask yourself why?  If you find yourself constantly arguing something must be amiss. If you are trying to win over someone then go about it the right way. Try to find a common ground, a new way to communicate which allows you get your point across while respecting what the other person thinks. Change doesn’t happen overnight.  Others may want a new start or begin something new, now is a good time for change.  If you put on a show for others or are unable at times to show who you really are, again ask yourself why?  There is more power in leaving the past behind and becoming the real you.  This will not be easy but now might be a good time to begin.


March 2015 – Feeling stuck

Self-control is needed this month so rein in any extravagance or time spent that is not productive. You need to be controlled in how you spend your money and how you spend your time.  Money is precious but so is your time, believe it or not.  Are you giving too much of your time to people who do not deserve it?  You need to ask yourself what you get in return, the balance must be right for it to work. If your partner is the March birth they may find everything soooo boring and want excitement and adventure.  Now is the time to knuckle down, study or learn a new skill, if you don’t commit yourself and focus you may end up not achieving anything.  Don’t be scared of failing, that’s how we learn.  Staying in your comfort zone may feel like a prison, so do something about it.


April 2015 – Jekyll & Hyde

For April births there is a strong karmic feel to this month so remember what you give out comes back.  For some there may be a lot of emotions bubbling under the surface that have been building and building; watch out in case they pop.  If you are feeling trapped or see no way out of a situation find one, there is always a way. The notion of being trapped only really exists in our minds, when we choose to look at our problems with new eyes or decide to share our worries with a good person we discover there is always a way out.  Others may realise a dream they have held for a long time may just happen, so keep working towards it.  When life is good and going well remember to ‘give back’, being kind and charitable to others helps you in other ways.


May 2015 – Focus on you

For those who feel as if they have been through the wringer lately, be kind to yourself and take life easy for a few days. Sometimes in the calm that follows a storm things that before seemed fuzzy can become clear.  Bad times typically allow another door or window to open so look for the opportunities that are definitely waiting for you. Try to have the confidence and self belief to take any opportunity that may come your way.  For others someone may come along that holds the key to your good fortune, be careful you may miss it if you are not looking properly. Open those eyes!!  Whatever a May birth wants to do this month they can, you have everything you need to make a success of whatever comes your way – YOU.


June 2015 – Relationship time

Read July monthly births as well; they are closely linked

This is a good month for those in relationships; nurture them and watch them grow.  Spend time at home supporting those you love.  Have fun and enjoy life especially those wanting to start a family – now is a really good time.  Others may feel as if they have come full circle and not sure how to move on from where they are.  Take your time to look at your life from different angles; don’t rush it.  Feeling in limbo is not a great feeling; perhaps it’s more about not having firm goals or knowing where you want your life to head.  Turn this on its head and it can be a great place to find yourself as life has endless possibilities, if you have been restless you could just end up going in a different direction. You are in a great position at the moment so use this month’s energy to help you.


 July 2015 – Second chance

Read June monthly births as well; they are closely linked

This is a month of second chances.  For those who have put a lot of work and energy into something, you may start to see results this month. Seeing results may give you a false sense of security that you have reached your goal, be cautious you may not be the full way along your road.  Remember you are not quite there yet so apportion time and energy to other things as well, you need to keep a balance in your life.  Now is not the time to make rash decisions or rush headlong in.  Money may be fairly tight so be careful of spending on someone that is not in it with you for the long haul. Energy and time goes into earning money and you need to be sure you are using it wisely, make good and clear decisions before you put your hand in your pocket.


August 2015 – Love

This is the month of new love, sorting out an existing one or simply splitting up.  If a new love, spoil yourself with a luxurious bath, new outfit and enjoy yourselves. Immerse yourself in the wonderful feelings that come at the beginning of every relationship.  Others already in a relationship may need to work out if one person in the relationship has more control than the other.  Are you getting from it what you want?  Are you giving way too much without feeling loved?  Through all of this the most important love is to yourself; it gets lost amongst all our other relationships.  Some may need to focus on addictive behaviour or old habits that sabotage their lives, putting some strategies in place may be called for at this time.  It’s a big month for all August births.


September 2015 – Great month so go for it

Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

September births typically deal with feeling as if the World is on their shoulders therefore this month use some tricks.  You don’t need to put in a difficult month because you let your feelings rule everything, life is too short and you have too much to do.  Regardless of how you feel inside, how nervous or down, put your face on and get out there; fake confidence.  Fake it until you feel it.  You have the opportunity of something very good coming your way and you need to be confident and believe in yourself to make the most of this opportunity.  Take control of any situation that you feel is advantageous to you.  Be careful of allowing your emotions to rule your head, they may get out of control. As the saying goes ‘Act as if’.


October 2015 – Open up and be free

This month gives October births the chance to break from the mould they have built for themselves. Sounds risky, maybe not, this just may be the time for you to take that chance.  Not many are allowed to get beneath an October’s skin (they put on a show), this month allow someone too. A life spent inside that mould may not actually be the life you really want for yourself.  Build a special relationship, make long-term plans and invest your time and energy in it.  Although many October births are great at socialising and make great friends some are anxious of anyone getting too close. You may be pleasantly surprised at how you can actually enjoy the notion of sharing.  Have real fun and see how you actually feel.  Enjoy the month.


November 2015 – Believe it can happen

Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

When a November birth puts their mind to something they can achieve the impossible.  They have a special energy that propels them from within.  Some give in too easily and do not realise a little effort goes a long way.  This month take bold steps in any area you want improved; don’t be lethargic or lazy.  Whatever idea you have, believe in it and follow it.  Don’t listen to others who mock, or laugh – go for it. Only you knows what is good for you so listening to the unsolicited opinions of others will never benefit you. You may need to look to the past to ensure you don’t make the same mistake about something. This is your month to make moves, you have a powerful energy around you and within you this month so use it.


December 2015 – It’s ok to ask for help

Be nicer and kinder this month, not a bull in a china shop.  Some long awaited news may be coming your way.  It won’t solve everything at once but begin working with it and things will begin to turn in your favour.  If you feel you were wronged you may get justice and the rewards owed to you.  December births can get lost in their heads with over thinking, this month don’t allow that to get out of control. Try to spend more time in your body than your head. You may feel if you are not in control it puts you in a vulnerable position, it doesn’t.  It never hurts showing others you need help too, you may be surprised to find there are people there for you, you just have to ask or let them know you need them.  Phew, what a busy month.



Louise Sullivan xx (Psychic, Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist)

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