Numerology Horoscopes for July

Numerology Horoscopes for July

Each month has its own energy – This is July’s energy.

As the month approaches it’s vibration can be felt; valuable opportunities and challenging times may be felt.  July’s energy is one of pushing yourself to your boundaries, then moving out of your comfort zone and changing direction.  As this is the second month of Summer the work you input in July may be realised in the next few months – remember what you reap you sow!  Some may feel they are being pulled in two directions and struggle to decide which path they should follow.

When the month is added to the year a further energy is produced, July 2015 energy asks you to question your reasoning for working so hard.  Some will have to work extremely hard to put food on the table, others to achieve the nice things in life, many more ‘just because’.  Whichever one you resonate with try not cut yourself off from others; you may end up feeling an outsider.

For those born in the month of July your life experiences may centre round learning to overcome your materialistic urges.  You have the ability to analyse situations but perhaps tend to overanalyse leading to inaction.  Many born in July may seem cut off from others or at times aloof; they simply require alone time to think, ponder and reflect.

July Horoscopes 2015

January 2015 – Be inspired by change!

Wow, January births may just have to face some of your fears during July.  Be reassured these fears are not of the worst kind; although some of you may feel they are.  They are of challenging yourself and looking at the areas you normally ‘shy’ away from.  You have a chance this month to literally turn your life around and to begin a new way of thinking (or living).  Some may experience challenging times surrounding making decisions – don’t allow others to influence you; by all means listen to them but stand by how you feel.  Standing firm may feel as if you are alone, you are not!

February 2015 – Doubting Thomas

February births can be indecisive at the best of times but during July they may feel extra sensitive and trapped by their circumstances.  Depending on your entrapment look to find a way out, don’t give in to feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem.  It may take time but you can change how your future maps out.  Take a new course, learn a new skill, be bold and brave; be anything but the one that gives in.  Look around you to see what you already have and build upon on it.  Dare to dream big.

March 2015 – Allowing fear of the unknown to get the better of you

March births can be sensitive, chaotic and focussed all at the same time.  Your temper this month may go up a few notches; be careful of showing your explosive emotions in public.  You may regret your actions and words so try and remain calm at all times.  Some may feel as if the World’s problems are on their shoulders with others taking on far too much responsibility.  Both cases may just be that you are avoiding something; perhaps you don’t want to face the issue or deal with the underlying problem.  This month you can deal with anything, you just don’t realise it.

April 2015 – Choose your battles

April births learn about structure and order very young in life.  In some cases it helps to have routine and be orderly, in others it’s best to simply go with the flow.  April may bring changes that you won’t initially want to go with; it’s wise to not fight them.  Save your energy for other situations that do require you to stand your ground and fight, don’t be a push over you are a formidable opponent.  It’s a tough month for you, not only are you fighting battles you are also asked to help and assist others.  It’ll be a tall order knowing which way to act on each occasion.

May 2015 – Enjoy life

Go after something you really want this month, put a lot of passion and energy into it.  This might be a new romance or a new opportunity; either way relish what is on offer.  A little warning note; as much as you can live for the moment just make sure everything is thought about and some of it planned.  Don’t throw all caution to the wind, only some of it.  This month is about taking control and going after what you want.  Family and friends may feel as if you are ignoring them while your attention is elsewhere, manage this don’t pretend they don’t exist.  This is a real mix of going after something that really matters to you and also taking care of those you love.

June 2015 – Reflection (Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Sometimes things happen in our past for a reason, other times its life.  If its the former, feeling guilty about the past doesn’t change a thing it merely keeps circulating the same energy.  If its the latter take time out to properly recover from something.  During June’s energy you may find yourself imagining all manner of things, it doesn’t mean they are real.  As much as possible move on, drop the load.  You do have the ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and begin again.  Get out and see some of life, draw a picture, see the beauty there is in life.  You have a lot to give to others this month.

July 2015 – Look to your past for the answers (Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Those born in July can achieve quite a lot this month in terms of managing their finances and making sure everything else is balanced.  You’ll feel as if your hands are tied, work with what you have and don’t make any rash decisions; take your time.  As much as you want to rush in don’t, look into everything further.  There is a chance of being miss footed so check your path.  July has quite a karmic feel about it so for some there may be a shock or two in store.  Believe it or not, you can make considerable progress this month if you have learned from your past experiences.

August 2015 – Believe

August births have a beautiful inbuilt navigation system that guides them through life – they just have to believe in it.  Some may feel out of sorts this month or perhaps not in a place they thought they would be by this time in their life.  You can’t change the past but you can alter your future.  If you want something different plan for it, you can be in a different place in time to come.  Others may feel as if the Gods can’t touch them and will glide through August achieving everything they set out to.  The difference between the two is confidence and self-belief.  It’s out there waiting for you so grab it.

September 2015 – Timid or Gangbuster (Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked)

This month September births fall into two categories: timid and gangbuster, which one are you?  The timid amongst you may have given power over their life to others, with the gang busters being the ones in control over others lives; both need to achieve balance and use both energies. Are you in control of your life or able to make your own decisions?  If not what is stopping you? You support others but who supports you?  Some may struggle with questions about where they stand in relationships; good it’s about time.  The dreams you once had may start to fade so work on them now, even small steps make a big difference.

October 2015 – Look to the past for your next step forward

You’ve worked so hard to get where you are today, so why worry what others are saying or doing?  When feeling attacked by others our normal response is to retaliate, think about your response, as it may not be needed this time.  You are in a much better position than you think you are or were previously.  Everything you have worked so hard to achieve has given you strength and the experiences you have gained from past mistakes will help to move you forward.  If you are feeling threatened or vulnerable perhaps it’s mistakes from the past that you haven’t yet faced or dealt with.

November 2015 – Relationships (Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Relationships may feel like a constant battle to either stay where you are or achieve more ground. Check your reasoning for battling: is it because you literally want too or do you have good reason for doing so?  If the former have you asked yourself why you are bothering?  If the latter: keep battling.  Check it isn’t your conscious you are fighting with.  Be careful of taking on too much else this month, you might find it too heavy a burden.  For others: get your hair done, buy new clothes and spend time with your partner, this is the month to take relationships to the next level.

December 2015 – Have fun

What a lovely time some of you December births may have in July.  For some of you this month is about downing tools and having that long awaited break, or simply having fun.  Feeling free is wonderful so work towards it.  It may be moving on from the past or living purely for today.  When you walk into a room make sure you are noticed for who you are; use your personal power.  Take an art class, dance around the room, anything as long as you are being creative and having fun.  Be careful of taking to heart criticism from others, it may not be meant how you imagine it is.



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