Numerology Horoscopes for June

Numerology Horoscopes for June

Numerology Horoscopes for June ’15  – as you can see Numerology horoscopes are based on the month you are born not on your star sign as with Astrology, hope you enjoy them and that they ring true for you as you make your way through June ’15.


January 2015 – Don’t ignore a thing!

Now is the time to attend to everything – this won’t be easy, it will be a tall order.  You will be expected to work until you drop and you just might.  So be very careful of physical and mental exhaustion, make sure you are organised to the maximum, this will minimise your exhaustion.  If you have been ignoring a relationship of late, see to it now.  Some relationships are not meant to last; we learn from them and move on.  If it needs finishing, then finish, if it requires extra work, work with your partner, talk to them.  You are also asked to widen your knowledge or enhance your skills; don’t settle for second best.  You may have some big changes this month or at the very least the beginning of them; you are not expecting them so you can’t plan.  Life may feel boring at the moment but unfortunately that’s as good as it will get.  If you have any energy left then try and have fun!


February 2015 – Personal power

This is a funny mixed bag of energy for you this month.  If someone has an unhealthy control over you please address it.  Check if you are in control in the areas of your life that you want to be.  If not begin to change things now.  This month’s energy is asking you to look within and confront the issues you have with confidence and have courage to move forward in life.  If you are standing still and feel that others have the chances in life you want, make your move now.  Look for what truly makes you happy.  You don’t need money to do this, you’re asked to use whatever you already have and begin a new direction.


March 2015 – Supporting others

Be careful of wanting too much too quickly this month.  Just because we want something doesn’t mean it’s the right time for it to be a success.  There may be something not quite right about a relationship or a deal you are involved with or wish to be involved with.  Bide your time; be patient.  Many March births want to rush into things in case they are snapped up by others or they miss out on an opportunity.  Perhaps you aren’t helping or supporting others as much as you should be.  The message this month for you is to examine your motives around either not supporting others or if you already are, perhaps you aren’t supporting them with the right reasons.  If it is the latter be careful, as life has a habit of pulling the rug on you.


April 2015 – Choices

How much responsibility can one person take on?  It looks as if April births have worked really hard to achieve their goals, it now may feel like what next?  Before taking on more take time out.  Relationships are in the air for some of you; although you may want to make sure they are single first!  At some point this month you will have a choice of two paths with one obviously being the right one.  You’ll need to make a decision about which path to take, it will mean taking on the responsibility of that choice and whatever baggage may come with it.  Don’t rush it, take your time and don’t get carried away with a vision in your mind of what you think something could be.  Look at everything properly.  For others its time to get your hair done, get dressed up and hit the town!


May 2015 – Shock & Success

Depending on how you dealt with things in May the results appear now in June.  Possibly a small disruption or shock waits for those that didn’t handle things very well last month.  For others a small taste of victory is in the air.  If the latter carry on with the good work and keep thinking of ways to achieve further success.  For those who haven’t had the best of success maybe now is the time to breakaway and start up on your own.  It won’t be easy doing this but you’ll have learnt from past mistakes.  Be careful of overthinking everything; as it’ll leave you exhausted.  If you pass on private information about yourself to someone else do not be surprised if they tell others.  The watchword for you this month is keep secrets to yourself.


June 2015 – Leave me alone! Read July monthly births as well; they are closely linked

June births may have an overwhelming feeling of wanting to be alone.  Sometimes a break from the rat race is all we need to rejuvenate and move on.  Be careful of segregating yourself too much from others or the world as you may have difficulty jumping back in.  When we lay awake at night our thoughts and fears run riot, if this is happening perhaps getting up and being active will calm them.  Feeling guilty or worrying what others have done to us doesn’t make it any better.  Remember this time will definitely pass – you just have to get through it first.  For others it’s as if they are leading the way, in control.  They have learnt, tolerated, forgiven and moved on.


July 2015 – Too heavy a load Read June monthly births as well; they are closely linked

Drop that load before it suffocates you.  Allow others to share your burdens and your responsibilities; taking them on board on your own is not the best path.  You are undergoing a long journey so be patient for the changes to take place.  Whatever is going on is not going to be fixed quickly.  Look at what you can drop, pass on to others and reorganise.  If you are ignoring a relationship it may end badly.  Perhaps you know it isn’t right anyway.  Now is the time to finish stale relationships and start new ones.  You need to look after yourself as well; sleep and food are essential for clear thinking and actions. Begin a new day with a new way and slowly and surely things will change.


August 2015 – Uncover an extra resource you never knew you had

August births are asked to have faith in their abilities and aim for the stars.  This month you have an energy around you that suggests you can be doing much more than you are.  Standing still is good to evaluate and readjust but not to stagnate.  Focus, be creative and work hard.  Look at your talents, look at what you can achieve and utilise them.  This month suggests there are more ways for you to earn money – it’s not about going out and finding work – it suggests you have the skillset already.  It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it.  The more you do the more you’ll be amazed at what else you can achieve.


September 2015 – Follow your dreams Read November monthly births as well; they are closely linked

The energy surrounding September births is one of working on something you absolutely love and growing with it.  Therefore this month’s energy suggests you want to move in a different direction.  You are being given an opportunity to venture forth; you’ll need ambition, faith and courage.  The beautiful Star energy surrounds you this month urging you to follow a dream.  If you have doubts or lack trust in your abilities you’ll edge backwards rather than forwards.  If this energy takes hold it is hard to shift.  For many of you there’s an air of long over due success.  If this is the case, success awaits you.  If you haven’t put enough work in previously don’t expect the rewards.


October 2015 – Facing life’s problems

If a relationship, friendship or deal is being offered to you check everything out.  Things may not be how they seem.  If in a relationship already, perhaps you aren’t seeing things as clearly as they are.  The phrase rose coloured glasses comes to mind.  If you aren’t living the life you wish to, what is stopping you?  Are you concerned what others will think?  It does take enormous courage to be who you want to be.  Sometimes we look at problems like walls and believe they are impenetrable.  They are not; you can always chip away and remove a brick at a time.  On a lighter note, others have a knack of producing results as if by magic.  They are determined to succeed and because of this, new opportunities open up to them.


November 2015 – Glass half empty Read September monthly births as well; they are closely linked

There’s a feeling of ‘is this it?’ energy around November births this month.  Feeling down in the dumps and fed up with everything won’t make things better.  Get out in the air, shake yourself down and look at what you have actually got – you’ll be surprised.  This month you have access to an energy that will help you achieve the impossible if only you would believe it.  Money features high on the agenda this month so check your bank balance; make sure you haven’t missed paying any bills.  This month is about managing your personal affairs so leave no stone unturned.  Another important area surrounds being too controlling so check if this is with other people or if you restrict your movements too much.


December 2015 – Have a go at everything

If you want more from your career or from an opportunity then you may need to take on either a new skill or attend further education.  When you want to achieve something you need to be practical and ensure you can achieve what you are setting out to do.  When we know our limitations we know what to address.  The energy surrounding you in June urges you to go after everything.  Even if you do not wish to further your career take on board a new skill; it can propel you in a new direction.  Don’t put off anything that you can do now, if you need to have a conversation with someone, just do it.  Buy a lottery ticket.



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