Numerology Horoscopes

Numerology Horoscopes

December 2014 Monthly Numerology Horoscopes


January births:  During December you are asked to go after whatever you yearn for as long as you are realistic that you can actually achieve it!  Get fired up, muster up as much enthusiasm as you can and follow that course or career you are after.   You may feel defenceless or vulnerable around others, stand up for yourself and show others you’re the boss.  Be fearless and courageous.  This is the time of year when the Stars are at their brightest – aim for your Star – just don’t forget to look where you are going!


February births:  During December past endeavours or current projects may show some success.  Pat yourself on the back but don’t sit back.  Carry on working towards your dreams.  Plot, plan, organise and keep pushing forwards.  Stop thinking something nasty will come out of the shadows to take this away and just enjoy what’s going on.  This month you may feel more driven to gain satisfaction from the work you are doing.   You may need to moderate any excesses, what a shame just when it’s Christmas!


March births:  During December you are asked to be more sympathetic to others than usual.  While doing this don’t forget you also have a vulnerable side that needs attention too.  If you are caught in a situation you are unhappy with then change it, find a way out of it.  Don’t wait till January to stop any bad habits, do it now.  If you don’t feel attractive do something about it, get your hair done, lose that ½ stone of weight.  Uncover your witchy side and ooze glamour.  Do whatever makes you feel good.


April births:  You lucky April births: December may just be a fantastic month for you.  It is quite a powerful vibration.  This is about you making your mark on the world – what a tall order!  The turn of the wheel is about to happen, will you stagnate and stay as you are or grab an opportunity with both hands?  Remember the wheel goes up and down so be prepared for both and exercise caution.  The success you achieve is actually deserved – so enjoy it.


May births:  December may feel as if you aren’t moving forward as quickly as you want to.  Sometimes the energy felt during this phase can feel as if you are stuck in the past.  You may feel like hording so do the complete opposite – make sure you move with the times this month.  Be careful of overthinking situations: don’t allow your fears to take over.  This can be a great time for you if you have faith in your self and follow your intuition.  Make a wish: it may just come true!


June births:  Throughout December keep your appointments and don’t let anyone down.  Be organised, flexible and patient with everyone.  This month you are asked to work hard and consolidate your finances at times it may feel quite dull, but it is necessary.  Manage your affairs properly and do not take your eye off the ball.  There is a chance one of your ideas can be taken further just make sure you aren’t being naïve, but are grounded and realistic.  There may be important challenges coming up so aim high and then go out and party!


July births:  Be careful during December that you aren’t unnecessarily argumentative or speaking out of turn.  You may have to fight for what you want this month but make sure you do it the right way.  Don’t allow others to goad you into saying something you will regret.  Focus your thoughts and actions, be determined and practical and you may just win through.  Don’t forget to get out and enjoy yourself as well, all work and no play doesn’t help anyone.


August births:  Business dealings are highlighted during December.  Make sure you don’t let your mouth run away with you else you’ll reap what you’ve sown.  Decisions need to be made for the right reasons not from egotism or bullish behaviour. Relationships may take a dive unless you are sensitive, loving and caring.  Be engaging, funny and witty, it’ll help you win over others and you could come out on top.  There is so much going on this month you may miss opportunities, don’t let this happen.


September births:  December is a great time for you to rid yourself of emotional baggage, bag them up and put them out with the bins.  It could make you feel freer than you have for a long time.  Be careful of being over sensitive and allowing criticism to affect you.  This is a great time to stop and look at your life and alter its course.  You’ve got where you are today because of past choices, you can change your future.  Truly put your heart and soul into something that means a lot to you, you’ve got nothing to lose.


October births:  During December your emotions may be up and down.  You may lack the confidence or courage to follow your dreams or ambitions.  Ignore all that and go for it anyway.  Gather as much enthusiasm as you can muster and show the world what you are made of.  Be bold and go after the changes you so desperately want, they can be achieved.  It may mean studying or learning a new skill but this again is achievable, it is whether you want it enough.


November births:  When making decisions this month ensure they are realistic and not based on illusion.  You may feel so overly sensitive and in tune with your emotions that you are not grounded.  Keep focussed finish those projects and jobs that have been lying around for ages.  Love and matters of the heart may rear their head so be careful you are not in love with the idea of love that you ignore reality.  Treat yourself to luxurious items this month or lovely surroundings, just always be true to yourself.


December births:  If you have an idea act upon it, have the belief that you have the ability to follow it through.  This is your month to start new projects.  Plant the seed and watch it grow.  You will of course need to cultivate and maintain your ideas and plans but you may be surprised what may come from them in the future.  December births have a natural talent for planning and organising and seeing the bigger picture – now is the time to put that to use.  You may feel anxious or panicky about your plans but good things can happen.

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