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Piscean Patsy Kensit offers to find love for Perez Hilton

Piscean Patsy Kensit offers to find love for Perez Hilton

Night one in the Big Brother house and already talk of love is alive and well as Patsy Kensit offers to play matchmaker and find love for single dad Perez Hilton.

Father of one Perez Hilton joked with Patsy that she could help him ‘find a husband’. With the quick wit that she is known for she answered ‘I’ll help you find a husband, I’ve had a few’.

Perez is a single dad following the birth of his baby son in March 2013 to a surrogate.  Perez, a blogger known for his blog perezhilton.com has become famous for his posts about celeb gossip.  He wasted no time trying to get the gossip night one in the big brother house as he quizzed Patsy Kensit on her love life but she was not giving anything away referring only to her contentment with her current situation.  Kensit is a Piscean and like all Pisceans likes to be in love so there is sure to be a current in her life however she avoided questions when he probed into her sex life saying her children were watching.

Four times married she is now single, in 1988 she married Dan Donovan of Big Audio Dynamite and this was followed by a marriage to Jim Kerr of Simple Minds fame where the couple had a son James who is now 21.  In 1997 she married Liam Gallagher of Oasis and had her second son Lennon now 15, she followed this with her final marriage which lasted less than a year to Jeremy Healy (DJ).

Despite extensive questioning by Perez, Kensit did not relent and give Perez the gossip he craved instead offering to help him find ‘love’. He may find Kensit a harder nut to crack than he thought in the Big Brother House, will he get the gossip in the end?

Looks like we may keep watching!!



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