Walk & Talk with the Archangels

Walk & Talk with the Archangels

Archangels do not belong to any religion they belong to us all equally, they belong to the spirit and soul of the Universe, by definition they are manager angels that can help us navigate through our journey of life. 

Read Our ‘Walk & Talk with the Archangels’ and if you have some of your own comment in the comment box below and we will include them in our next article on ‘Walk & Talk with the Archangels’ after all what else is life about but sharing.

Archangel Ariel – 

  • Tap into the power of the Universe: Help me rise above any doubts so I can tap into the power of the universe to help my wishes come true. Bring me closer to nature and all things connected to creativity, allow me see the beauty of all around me so that my imagination can be developed and dreams can be fulfilled.

Archangel Azrael –

  • Healing from grief: Walk with me in my time of grief that I may help my loved one pass over from the physical world to the world of Spirit.  Help me to understand and accept in time that they walk with me every day in spirit so I never need to feel alone again.

Archangel Chamuel –

  • Leaving hurt behind: It is my wish to leave all hurt and negativity behind and move on to happier and more positive times.  Please keep me safe on my journey of transition, surround me only with good people who wish the very best for me in this life.
  • To recognise and accept your soul-mate: Free my heart from all restrictions of past pain from experiences of love, let me open my heart again to the chance of a kind, pure love. Help me to recognise the pure love of a soul-mate when it is presented to me in this life and keep me safe from all types of trickery.

Archangel Gabriel

  • Positive thoughts, words and deeds: Allow me only to speak kind, positive words today, help me choose my words carefully as I understand what I say shall manifest in my life. Please let me show those I love my true feelings, allow the right thoughts to flow through my mind, the right words of love and understanding flow from my mouth so that I may only bring positivity to my relationships.

Archangel Haniel – 

  • Guidance with Grace: Allow me to connect with my inner guide, hear what is being said and follow in the direction of my hearts desire, please guide me with grace and harmony.
  • Heal with nature: Today my soul needs to heal, walk with me in nature today so that I may feel the healing powers that surround me every day.

Archangel Michael – 

  • Raise to a higher vibration: Protect me from my own negativity, raise my vibrations and allow me to heal myself.  Today I am afraid, give me the courage to face my fears, protect and guide me through the changes I know I need to make. Please help to bring out my deepest strengths and lead me in the right direction.
  • Protection for Front Line workers: Protect all those that work in the front line services, we owe them such gratitude for keeping us safe and well.

Archangel Metatron –

  • Prayer for a sensitive / gifted / special child:  I have been blessed with a wonderful, sensitive, gifted child in my life, help me guide them in the right way so their lives may be fruitful and fulfilled, support us within our family on our journey ahead.
  • Prayer for Motivation and Organisation: My motivation is lacking, I have watched my life become disorganised and difficult to manage daily, please support me in my time ahead while I begin to rebuild.  Help me choose positive thoughts, especially that first thought of the morning so that my day may progress in a positive way, that I may feel you at my side when I want to give up. Bit by bit show me how to put my life back on track for I know it is only with motivation and organisation that my life will move forward.

Archangel Raguel –

  • Peaceful resolution to conflict: Help me to see every situation from the perspective of others so I may find a peaceful resolution to all conflicts in my life, keep me in contact with my truth so that I may remain balanced in my dealings with others.

Archangel Raphael – 

  • Guidance for healing: Guide me in the right direction that I may find the right person and place to aid me in my time of healing.  Help my body, mind and soul heal at the deepest level.
  • Healing from addiction: Help me in my time of adjustment while I endeavour to leave a world of addiction so I may pursue a deeper relationship with myself and those beside me on my journey.

Archangel Sandalphon – 

  • Need the Universe to hear my voice: Help me to develop a way to communicate with the Universe so I am heard, it is only once I have developed a connection that I feel I will make progress in my life, where I will develop an understanding of my life’s purpose and I will move forward on my path to higher consciousness.
  • Music: Pain has brought silence to my world, it is my hearts desire to appreciate the healing sound of music again, to have it touch my spirit and penetrate my soul, help me to sit and absorb all music has to offer.

Archangel Uriel – 

  • I am lost: Today I am lost, please help shine a light on what I need to see so I may grow and move forward on my journey through life.  Allow me to hear the wisdom of the Universe I no longer wish to be lost, it is a frightening place, a place I no longer feel comfortable to reside.
  • Natural Disasters: Support and love all those caught up in the never ending cycle of natural disasters.  Help them find hope where there is only hopelessness, help them find love where love is lacking, walk with them in their most vulnerable time.

Archangel Zadkiel – 

  • Forgiveness: Help me learn the gift of forgiveness, although I have tried time and again I find forgiveness a hard place to reach. Help me to let go so I can move on with my life, infuse forgiveness in my heart so I may heal.
  • Unblock painful memories: Allow me to unblock any painful memories in my soul so that I may move forward and feel safe in the world again.  Help me to have the courage to take these memories out and release them so giving me back the key to my heart and to my freedom.


As I say at the end of each blog article about the Archangels, you only need to whisper and they will be at your side, never shy away from asking for their help and support, their mission in life is to get you through this world in the most peaceful, kind, loving state possible.  It is their abiding wish that you experience life and grow and become the very best person you can be. They are not somebody else’s Archangels, they are there for you too, just ask…..

TIP:- Read through the prayers above and if one jumps out at you, print it on a card and keep it close for a week or so, stopping every now and again to read it.  Constantly bringing to mind your wish is the very thing that will make it your reality.

And remember to share your prayers to the archangels with us in the comment box below….



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3 thoughts on “Walk & Talk with the Archangels

  1. Krishannette Connolly

    I always look for guidance in my love life. I’d like to know if I’m ever going to find love that’s worth cherishing? Xx

    • That is the big question we all ask at times in our lives, there is no doubt it is nicer when we have someone to spend our time with, share our thoughts and feelings with, but at the end of the day it is worth waiting for and finding the right person. Too many people settle for someone less than they should so maybe you are in a good position, you have the chance to find that good person still, maybe look at it a different way and think that you are lucky you still have that chance. Just a thought….

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