Minor Arcana


Swords ideally would like us to have harmony between the mind and inner wisdom. It is concerned with reason and understanding. This suit can point to disharmony if the mind and inner voice are not in tune. In a reading it can relate to spite and resentment. It is very important to keep a balance.


Ace of Swords: Finding the difference between right and wrong, transparency, justice
Two of Swords: Selfishness, denial of truth, repressed emotions, standing alone
Three of Swords:  Sorrow, rejection, difficulty facing truth, jealously, heartache
Four of Swords: Break from conflict, a period of rest and contemplation, a time of consideration
Five of Swords: Lessons are learned, battle ended
Six of Swords: Hard work brings success, emotional or physical journey, brighter times ahead
Seven of Swords: Deception, manipulations, denial of what is real, dishonesty
Eight of Swords: Restricted by life and situations, isolated, lack of direction, trapped
Nine of Swords: Overwhelmed by feelings, distress from life, guilt, sadness
Ten of Swords: Doom and gloom, victim feelings, hint of enlightenment, denial of fantasy
Page of Swords: Champion of human rights, sharp mind, young at heart, logical
Knight of Swords: Decisions and actions are rational not emotional, a formidable enemy
Queen of Swords: Distant until trust is gained, shrewd, candid and honest
King of Swords: High expectations, logical, rational, distant, highly principled

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Pentacles are known to concern themselves mostly with practical matters. The element they are associated with is the earth and as such they relate to nature and beauty and our physical body. They also seek to convey messages relating to money matters and prosperity.


Ace of Pentacles: Wealth, plenty, practicality, grounded, new beginnings, trust
Two of Pentacles: Harmonising, juggling, flexibility with problems, go with life
Three of Pentacles: Co-operation, preparation, ability, gain in financial transactions
Four of Pentacles: Materialism at its worst, desire control over others, gifts
Five of Pentacles: A lean period financially, lack, confusion, loneliness
Six of Pentacles: Material success, gifts, good management, big-hearted and kindness
Seven of Pentacles: More assessment needed, lack of success, where to now
Eight of Pentacles: Farsightedness required, attention to details needed, slow and steady progress
Nine of Pentacles: Material gain, financial security, possible inheritance, control, nicer side of life
Ten of Pentacles: Wealth, successful end to a venture, good home life, emotional good fortune
Page of Pentacles: New projects, loyal young person, willingness to try, hard worker, steady
Knight of Pentacles: Highly organised, realistic, reliable, avoids limelight, cautious
Queen of Pentacles: Maternal, good homemaker, dependable, practical, good businessperson
King of Pentacles: Leader, determined, successful, lucky with money, captivating personality

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Cups are known to concern themselves with emotion and feelings. They concentrate on love, affection, friendship and creativity. These cards refer to how we relate to our inner selves and to the outside world emotionally. They bring to the fore all issues relating to emotion and love in our lives.


Ace of Cups: Intimacy, fertility, new emotional ties, beginning of a new love connection
Two of Cups: Partnership, unity, love and harmony, sexual attraction
Three of Cups: Abundance of love, sharing happiness, celebration, friendships
Four of Cups: Uncertainty, self-examination, partial success, feeling let down or hurt
Five of Cups: Present blockages with hope of success in future, feeling unloved, imbalance
Six of Cups: Good will towards others, sharing and receiving, good happens through sharing
Seven of Cups: Believing you are invincible, fantasy, disordered, innate abilities
Eight of Cups: Commitment to new ideas needed, change of direction, effort and bravery needed
Nine of Cups: Happy with achievements, satisfied, desires fulfilled
Ten of Cups: Emotional fulfilment, at one with the world, sexual commitment, world is safe
Page of Cups: Great imagination, very sensitive, offer of romance, creative, trust intuition
Knight of Cups: Seeks perfection, Spiritual and emotional rescue, unrealistic ideals, emotional
Queen of Cups: Maternal, loving, understanding, kind, protecting, in harmony
King of Cups: Wise, stable, protective, loyal, compassionate, level-headed.

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Wands are known to concern themselves with enterprise, inventiveness and creativity. Wands look to the future, they like to plan and be prepared. They are optimistic and refer to matters of the day. It often refers to business matters and movement in life, career or travel.


Ace of Wands: Inspiration and new beginnings, enthusiasm, anticipation, problem solving
Two of Wands: Feeling of power and status, success through action, broadening horizons
Three of Wands: Movement forward demands thought, information, prudence, open mind
Four of Wands: Proud of achievements, festivity, independence and freedom
Five of Wands: Beware conflict and rash judgements, competition, arguments
Six of Wands: Winning, pride, feeling untouchable, taking care of oneself
Seven of Wands: Use of intellect to win battles, standing firm by beliefs
Eight of Wands: Action without due consideration, message coming, look at choices
Nine of Wands: Preparation for any event, vulnerable, concern for the future, distrust
Ten of Wands: People pleasing, burdened, overworked, lack of support for the self
Page of Wands: Exuberant, childlike, enthusiastic, welcomes new directions, reliable and focused
Knight of Wands: Energy needs to be tapped, loves travel, encourages risk and adventure
Queen of Wands: Intuitive, independent and wise, optimistic, charming, fertility, level-headed
King of Wands: Excellent guide, imparter of knowledge, wise, inspiring, enjoys life

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