The Blood Moon 28th Sept 2015

The Blood Moon 28th Sept 2015

The Blood Moon – 28th September 2015

Okay so first let me tell you what a Blood Moon is and then we will look at how it can affect your life.

During a Total Lunar Eclipse the Sun, Earth and Moon form a straight line when the earth blocks any direct sunlight from reaching the moon. Therefore the earth eclipses the full moon, when this happens the sunlight is blocked but the sun rays still light up the moon, the rays from the sun have travelled through the Earth’s atmosphere and this gives the moon a reddish colour.

The occurrence of a Blood Moon in itself is not that uncommon however this particular Blood Moon is the 4th Blood Moon in close succession, the occurrence is known as a Tetrad and this is only the 55th time it has happened since 1 AD, so it is an unusual event!

In Europe it will be seen during the early hours of the 28th September, just before sun rise.

Many religions and spiritual people hold with the idea that this Blood Moon will bring significant change to the earth.  Some believe it prophecies change on a monumental level; they believe something great and powerful will happen that will change the world as we know it forever.   The fact that the four Blood Moons in this Tetrad will happen on 4 Jewish feast days has added to the anticipation.  Some would say that all of the upheaval at present with refugees and other world events is as a forerunner to the Blood Moon, that energies are shifting and the world as we know it has already begun to change.

So on an individual level does it have significance, some believe yes, that winds of change are blowing for many.  It is thought that it will be a significant event heralding positive change. Some people are very sensitive to energies and may not even realise what is happening in their lives, in the time running up to the Blood Moon we can find ourselves clearing negative energies getting ready for a move forward.  This can manifest in people’s lives in different ways sometimes a general upheaval, feeling emotional without obvious reason, headaches, agitation etc….

For some at the time of the Blood Moon it will bring a time of awakening, a time when things come together and make sense.  It may allow for a clearer head as emotions that have been stagnant move on and allow for a shift in personal beliefs.   If you have been looking to go on a new path, looking to find a new way of approaching life, coming up to this Blood Moon it would be a good time to ground and cleanse yourself while giving extra time to welcoming changes that would move you forward.  There is no doubt that at the time of lunar eclipses energies are strong and changes do happen.

Clearing of negative energy can be a very important practice when we are trying to move on in our lives, the ritual of cleansing the body can be very powerful.

How to cleanse from Negative Energies – Fill a bath with warm water and add 2 tablespoons of Sea Salt and 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda.  Bless the bath before getting into it by calling on whichever higher power you believe in, for some it will be God, for others Archangel Michael, The Universe, Mother Earth, one of the Goddesses it really does not matter as long as it is a higher power that you trust.  Ask your higher power to bless the water, to help sever any ties you have with negative entities and people in your life, to remove any toxins that are present and to bring purity, forgiveness and love into your world. Make sure to wash in a Citrus based gel during this cleansing.  Finally light a candle or many candles in the room.

Tip– If you do not have a bath mix the Sea Salt and the Bicarbonate of Soda in a jug full of water and pour it over you in your shower, again making sure to bless the water and wash in a citrus based gel.

Hope the winds of change reach your life in many positive ways during this time.



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