The Book-End

The Book-End

A Guided Encounter with your Creative Self

Julia Cameron is much more than an award-winning playwright, filmmaker, poet and novelist.
. She is a beautiful writer and a gifted teacher, although teaching is possibly the one role she did not envisage for herself. In her best-selling work The Artist’s Way she explains how her personal journey to recover her creativity led to the opportunity to teach one class at the New York Feminist Art Institute and to the creation of the most magical map to finding your authentic self and the creativity that is your birthright.

Cameron’s theory is simple. Every human being is creative; it is our true nature and our gift from God. Even the definition of God is all-inclusive; in fact it is open to us, the reader, to define our own image of a Divine Power. The path to our authentic self, and to finding our creativity, is closely linked to our divinity according to Cameron and she promises that as we move towards our creative dreams, we move towards our own divinity.

Although this book outlines a twelve week course in recovering our creativity, Julia introduces two tools which form the cornerstone of the course for the duration. The first are the Morning Pages and the second The Artist’s Date. Morning Pages are quite simply three pages of long-hand stream of consciousness writing completed first thing in the morning. Every morning. No matter what. As a person who has completed the course let me assure you – the author says that the practice of the Morning Pages is powerful and transformative and in my opinion she is right. As a person doing the Morning Pages (often sceptically) they changed me……and they will change you. The Artist’s Date is one hour of time spent with yourself doing something that you love. In many ways this date serves as a reward for the progress you make each week on the course; very definitely also it reminds you of the value of giving to yourself one hour of a nice experience. Or even one hour of time just for yourself.
Week by week the course gently guides you through the various stages of recovery of yourself – your sense of safety, identity, power and connection. Although you must work through each week and the emotions and thoughts that arise from doing each task, I can truly say that if you make the commitment and do The Artist’s Way you will be glad you did; not least the experience of your hand being held as you find your way back to your creative self but moreover seeing the new person who has emerged after twelve weeks filled with a sense of possibility of creative expression and fulfilling your dreams.

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