The Goddess Athena

The Goddess Athena

Goddess Athena is also known as The Goddess of Wisdom.

Who is Athena to us today?

Athena is a very special goddess who can be invaluable to you in your life.  Her message is one of reason, although a fearless warrior she preferred to think her way out of trouble.  She can give great guidance in finding solutions, her wisdom is invaluable, she had the ability to outwit her opponents and with her help we can also outwit those in our lives who would try to bring us down.

She teaches us to rely on our intuition, to broaden our knowledge and to think outside the box.  She is indeed wise council and brave to the core, she has the strength of her convictions and can support us when we need that extra bit of backup and support when facing into an adversarial situation.

She was a great advocate for women at work and she put great efforts into developing the work women could do in the world so if you are a woman and looking for a new direction or even an introduction to a new place of work, ask for her help and support.

If creativity is your thing you should never be without Athena in your life, her love of arts and crafts is a constant in her life story.  She is known to have been a master weaver, inventing both the weavers loom and the potter’s wheel.

Finally she was known to be a very generous spirit so please never be afraid to call on her, she was always there for those in need and she will be there for you.

Authors Tip – Take a bath with 2 tablespoons of sea salt and 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda to cleanse yourself and while in the bath call on Athena to walk beside you.  If you do not have a bath you can mix the sea salt and bicarbonate of soda in a jug of warm water and pour it over you at the end of your shower.


The story of Athena

Zeus, King of all Olympian deities is believed to have swallowed his first wife Metis after Athena had been conceived; he feared the birth of a son who would take his place as King.  However his plan did not work and following this he suffered extreme pain to his forehead.  He asked Hephaistos to split open his head to relieve the pain, once his head was open out popped Athena fully grown woman in full body armour.  Zeus loved Athena from the moment he set eyes on her and she very quickly became his favourite child.  The feeling was mutual and Athena displayed great signs of loyalty to Zeus.  In time Zeus even trusted Athena with his magic shield and the secret of his lightning bolts.

Athena has an image as the ‘Goddess of War’ and this is because she was a fearsome opponent, she was well known for her prowess on the battle field however she did prefer to take the path of peace where possible.  She had a fantastic skill for negotiation and reconciliation.

The Trojan War

Athena’s skill was called on to endeavour to stop the war of Trojan.  She rode down onto the battle field and persuaded both sides to agree to take an oath of peace thus ensuring the battle did not commence, however Pandaros, a Trojan soldier broke the oath and fired the first arrow.  And hence the war had begun.  Athena decided to fight for the other side as they had remained faithful to the oath and it was during this war that she came up with the idea to build the Trojan Horse which housed all the soldiers and ensured they won the war. It was her ingenious thinking that was the turning point of the battle and they emerged victorious.

Athena’s dispute with Poseidon

Athena and Poseidon became rivals to become Patron of Athens.  The both had an opportunity to win favour with the people of Athens, Athena used her magic to create an Olive Tree and Poseidon used his trident to bring forth sea water from a rock forming a stream.  The people had little time for the salt water and as a result Athena won the favour of the people and became Patron of Athens.

The Saving of Mnesicles

Athena is also known as Goddess of Health, the following story will give you one example of how she won this title.  Mnesicles was an architect working on the construction of Propylaea when he had a fall which should have proved fatal.  Athena healed Mnesicles as he lay there and following this he arose and continued work on the project.

The story of Arachne

Although known as the Goddess of War Athena was as discussed earlier a god of mediation, peace and reconciliation rarely known for fits of temper however in the story of Arachne she succumbed to her temper with later regret.  Arachne was a fine weaver, with skills admired far and wide; she challenged Athena to a contest to see who would weave the finest tapestry.  As expected both made beautiful pieces, a fact Athena could not ignore.  However when Athena saw the subject of Arachne’s tapestry she flew into a terrible rage, Arachne had woven a tapestry on the subject of Zeus (Athena’s father) and it depicted the loves and adulterous life of Zeus.  Athena shred the tapestry and put her had to Arachne’s forehead, instantly making Arachne feel shame at what she had done.  Arachne overtaken with guilt hung herself but immediately Athena felt guilty and changed Arachne into a spider and left her to live as a spider, spinning a web for eternity.

Hopefully knowing some of the stories of Athena will give you a taste of who she actually was, she was indeed a fearsome warrior but her preference and great skill was in negotiation and resolution. She depended greatly on her intellect and wisdom and was used as many other gods to resolve battles and wars in order to avoid mass bloodshed.  She was a great defender of people and right and wrong and known as a fierce protector of the realm.

Finally she was a great inventor, not least for her part in advancing agriculture, she is said to have invented the bridle which allowed the horse to be tamed, which in turn allowed use of chariots and also the invention of the plough which has been invaluable to the progression of agriculture. Also believed to have invented the pottery wheel, weavers loom and believe it or not the flute.



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