The Relaxation Room

The Relaxation Room

Life after death. Fact, Fiction or Just wishful thinking?
By: David Ward BSc. D.H.P., adv

“When, as a hypnotist, people ask me if I believe in life after death. I always have to answer….I’m not sure I believe in this one yet” ~ Dr. Richard Bandler
I remember, just over a decade ago, sitting in my room in Rotterdam I came across an Interview on an American radio show, one wonders in hind-sight whether it was a coincidence, or was this interview to be, as I now believe it was, another turning point in my life.

It was an interview with a “traditional” Psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Brian Weiss. He was talking about a particular case he was working with, one that was to have a profound effect on everything he ever believed about healing and transformation and about Life! His Patient was consulting with Anxiety and other such issues when Dr Weiss decided to use Hypnosis in therapy. What he, and his Patient, were to uncover was nothing short of astounding.

The patient began to regress (move back in “time”) into a past life and even more interesting, the place BETWEEN lives. To cut a long story short, and without spoiling it for the potential reader… Needless to add the Patient was cured, what could in scientific terms be called a complete cure, by discovering the initial cause of the Anxiety buried deep in the subconscious mind of the Patient. His story can be found here. And I cannot recommend it enough….

So my journey began, I took to finding out as much as I could on this subject and more and found a book by another Hypnotherapist and Author, a book that was also to become an International best-seller. This particular gentleman decided to run some clinical tests on regression Hypnosis. He, Michael Newton P.H.D., wasn’t so much interested in Past-lives but rather the Place between lives, as I mentioned earlier.

The trials involved 29 subjects and their stories can be found here…

There are two schools of thought on Past-lives.
One camp suggests that we have in fact been here before in this place between incarnations, as outlined by Michael Newton. We agree to forget about previous lives and choose to incarnate in a particular place and time, with certain people to experience certain lessons we need to continue our journey of discovery, experience and growth.

The other camp, however, suggests that we have access to every thought, every motion and every memory of everything that has ever happened. (And WILL happen, but that’s another story) and we can access this Knowledge base in Trance Hypnosis. This database (for want of a better term) has been called the “Akashic Records”.

Personally speaking, and from a Hypnotherapist’s perspective, regardless of Past-lives being real or not the fact remains that a healing can be found in this area of Therapy, but I am tending towards the reality of it. That is to say, I believe it!!

What if we were here before? What if there is no such thing as death, as we know it? What if the biggest fear we all hold as Human Beings is nothing to fear? And is merely a transition back to Spirit.
What about this phenomenon called N.D.E. or Near Death Experience, where people pronounced clinically dead return with amazing recollections of a place of absolute love and a feeling of peace and understanding? I have heard it said that this can be explained away by a release of the Neuro chemical D.M.T causing hallucinations in the dying person. My question to that always has to be, then how on earth can ALL, (or the vast majority, certainly) of these people have the SAME hallucination? Reporting the SAME things? Such as, the tunnel of light, the loved ones, including past animals once loved as pets, waiting for them assuring them that it is all just fine and you have returned “home”. The replay of the previous life in a flash, the sense of no limitations, limitations such as “time and space” as we know them. All this evidence has to be considered before one simply dismisses this as some hair brained idea.

This is an absolutely massive subject. One that I have been pondering and researching for most of my life. And one that I will continue to.
But for now I will leave you good people with this short video. The story of a little boy, named James… Who REMEMBERS

Until next time. Consider this….
You are everything that is, that ever was and ever will be. You are infinite consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.
“There is no death, life is just a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves”. ~ Bill Hicks

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