The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras

Ever Wondered What is a Chakra?

The word Chakra if literally translated means spinning wheel or disk.

Chakras are believed to be present in the ‘subtle body’ structure not the ‘physical body’ structure. There is an energy channel in the subtle body structure called Nadi and it is through Nadi that our vital energy Prana flows.  The seven Chakras are meeting points located along the Nadi channel.  It is commonly believed that there are many Chakra meeting points but mostly we concentrate on seven main chakras, the Base Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

The Nadi or energy channel runs from the base of the spine to the top of the head along the mid-line of the body. At the meeting point for each chakra there is a spinning wheel of energy otherwise known as vital energy which keeps us alive, vibrant, healthy and happy.  The first three chakras beginning at the Base Chakra are associated with the physical and the top three are associated with the spiritual while the forth chakra, the Heart Chakra, the one in the middle is a connection between the two.

Balancing of the Chakras takes place to restore a balanced flow of ‘prana’ through the body, sometimes the flow can be affected by a chakra that is blocked and sometimes a chakra can be too open and the flow is too fast, both can have an effect.  The idea is to reach a balance between the two where the ‘prana’ flows easily.   When all is well with our Chakras we find we are more relaxed, calm, find coping with life’s ups and downs easier, feel more connected with our minds and our bodies and we have more energy.

There are many ways to balance the Chakras, you can use one or all depending on what works best for you.  Some people go to energy healers such as a Reiki Healer or a person who practices in Craniosacral Therapy, others use meditation or exercise such as yoga which aims to bring the body and mind together, no way is right or wrong, use whichever method works best for you.

Why not follow on reading to find out more about each of the seven chakras. As you read up on each of the Chakras below you will see there is a colour for each chakra.  When you are balancing each Chakra you should imagine a spinning wheel of the corresponding colour to that Chakra positioned at the Chakra point.

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Root or Base Chakra

Healing Elements

  • Crystals:              Ruby, Onyx, Agate & Garnet.
  • Colour:                 Red
  • Incense:               Cedar
  • Essential Oil:        Frankincense, Sandalwood & Rosemary

The root or base chakra is situated at the tail end of the spine and is the most earth based chakra primarily due to its position.  It is often symbolised by the snake or the dragon.

As you can imagine from its position and its name it is the chakra that keeps us grounded. It concerns itself with our basic instincts, our flight or fight reactions, our staying power or connection with the earth and all physical life.

Often the health of this chakra is rooted in our formative years before the age of 7.  If we were nurtured well during these years, supported and loved, taught all the basic lessons that life has to bring to a small child we should grow up with a healthy energy flow through our Root Chakra.

As small children we are learning to interact with other people, learning how to form meaningful relationships, so the health of our relationships later in life can be influenced by the Root chakra also.  Security in the first seven years can in turn lead to very healthy secure relationships in later life.

It governs our survival in the physical world and how we interact with the environment around us, how we develop the ability to look after ourselves in the world. Therefore moving forward into adulthood and taking responsibility for one’s own life and needs is easier for a person who felt secure and loved in childhood, for a child who grew up in a home that allowed them to explore life and gave them the skills to deal with problems as they arose.

If the root chakra is in distress you may notice certain characteristics, anxiety, finding it difficult to plan and complete daily tasks, lack of confidence, aggression, greed, feeling unloved or unwanted.

If the root chakra is in balance you may notice certain characteristics, enthusiastic, emotionally open, loving, trusting, dependable, carefree, strong willpower, staying power, independent.


Sacral or Naval Chakra

Healing Elements

  • Crystals:              Moonstone & Gold.
  • Colour:                Orange
  • Incense:              Gardenia
  • Essential Oil:       Citrus Oils, Rose & Lady’s Slipper

The Sacral or Naval Chakra is situated approximately two inches below the bellybutton or naval. As it is the second chakra after the base chakra it is still concerned with the physical world.  It generally concerns itself with imagination, creativity, emotional maturity, sexuality, matters of control and finances.

During our development as children it is important we become aware that we are separate beings than our parents or siblings.  As we mature we realise that we are in fact independent, that we think and feel on our own.  If we are taught to feel secure in the world standing alone, the world does not seem such a frightening place emotionally.

If our development has been balanced in this area communicating with others in adulthood is easier, we trust emotionally, we understand the movement of emotions between people, we do not feel threatened.  It makes it easier in life to express our emotions, to not feel weakened by emotional upheaval.

It is basically the root of a healthy emotional life where we can share without feeling vulnerable, where we accept our emotions without fear and we learn to share our lives with other humans easily, we do not have to erect barriers to protect ourselves emotionally as we have learned our emotions are just part of who we are and they are not to be feared.

This part of our development is where we become individuals, we don’t feel the need to be rigid in our views, we can allow people to express who they really are and not judge harshly.  It allows for open sexuality and development with little sexual inhibitions.  We learn that people can be different and we can allow for difference, in fact if healthy in this way we actually celebrate difference and love to learn from it.

If the sacral chakra is in distress you might notice jealousy, over ambitious tendencies, coldness, controlling, mistrustful, self-obsessed, timid, lacking direction, over sensitive.

If the Sacral Chakra is in balance you might notice an emotionally balanced person, happy, open, expressive, creative, tolerant, focused, open to learning from experiences.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Healing Elements

  • Crystals:              Citrine, Tiger Eye & Amber.
  • Colour:                 Yellow.
  • Incense:               Cinnamon.
  • Essential Oil:        Marjoram, Lemon & Peppermint.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is situated about two inches above the navel or at the base of the ribcage.  As it is the third chakra from the base chakra, it is still concerned with emotions and the physical world.

It is here we learn to love ourselves, to put a price on who we are in the world. We get to know our emotional and intellectual power in the world, we develop our self-esteem and we begin to come to terms with who we are and where we are comfortable to fit into the world around us.

Positive development allows us to go into the world with confidence in our abilities and in our personalities.  We feel confident in how we relate to everyone around us, we feel equal and validated to be part of the world at large.

You may have heard of people saying they felt like they got a blow to the stomach when they took a blow from life and that is because the Solar Plexus Chakra holds the seat of our self-esteem and personality.  Once it feels attacked it can destabilize the strongest of people.  It is here we hold our personal power and strength to take on the world.

Our intuition plays a part in this chakra, we feel when things are wrong here, and often you will hear people say they felt something was wrong in their gut, no physical evidence but their gut is screaming at them.  It allows us to pick up on vibrations around us which is why we should never discount our gut when it is talking.

It allows us to know our own power and therefore be happy in our own decisions, to be confident and to see projects through to the end without altering to suit someone else’s course.  We know our own mind but can be flexible without feeling threatened.

If the Solar Plexus Chakra is in distress we may notice apathy, argumentativeness, anger, fear of new things, low self-esteem, judgemental, sensitive, bullish, over powering, lacking in direction.

If the Solar Plexus Chakra is in balance we may notice high self-esteem, balance in life, embracing change and difference, a feeling of security, ability to learn, doing well in life.


Heart Chakra

Healing Elements

  • Crystals:              Emerald, Rose Quartz & Ruby.
  • Colour:                Green.
  • Incense:              Lavender.
  • Essential Oil:      Rose, Pine & Jasmine

The Heart Chakra is the forth Chakra and is situated over the heart in the centre of the breast plate.  It is the middle chakra between the physical and emotional Chakras below and the Chakras that concern themselves with our Spiritual world above.

A healthy development of the heart chakra allows for all that you would suppose to be associated with the heart, compassion, love of others and self-love, kindness, empathy and forgiveness.

It allows us to understand that everyone is different, that we are all independent in thought and emotion and therefore allows us to show empathy when it is needed. Once we have experienced emotional pain we can understand emotional pain in others, therefore we are able to both empathise and sympathise with others who are experiencing pain.

We understand the importance of love and support in human relationships and have the ability to be kind when it is needed. We also understand that people make mistakes as we have come to learn and recognise our own mistakes so it leaves us slower to judge and quicker to forgive.

A healthy balance in this chakra makes it easy for us to love and share our lives, because we feel happy with ourselves emotionally, we are willing to accept others emotionally, there is no need to judge harshly as we are all human and we all mess up sometimes.

Spending time with nature and the natural world goes hand in hand with the heart chakra, nature replenishes it and allows it to remain healthy, the presence of animals, flowers, music, water etc. all become sources of great nourishment.

If the Heart Chakra is in distress we may notice despair in the person, a sense of being alone and uncared for, lead to obsessions, mistrust, coldness, rigidity, lack of forgiveness, judgements.

If the Hearth Chakra is in balance we may notice a loving person, full of kindness, open emotionally, forgiving, open minded, exploring, serene, soft in nature.


Throat Chakra

Healing Elements

  • Crystals:              Blue Sapphire, Blue Agate & Lapis Lozul
  • Colour:                Turquoise
  • Incense:              Frankincense
  • Essential Oil:       Sage & Lemongrass

The Throat Chakra is situated at the base of the neck and it is the first of the Chakras that are concerned with our spiritual development and life.

It is from the Throat chakra we learn to connect with our higher power in whatever form that may take in our lives, it may be God, Mother Earth, the Universe, Goddesses there really is no definitive higher power.

This chakra is concerned with how we communicate and express ourselves to the world at large.  It allows healthy expression of ideas and gives us our voice.  Many people find difficulty in saying what they really mean for fear of offending or hurting, many were never given the opportunity to see how important saying your truth really is in this life.  Development of these skills are paramount to a healthy relationship with the world, we are all entitled to speak our truth and there is always a way to say it without causing offence.   It is good and healthy for people to have differing opinions and needs. Yours are as valid as anyone else’s.

We need to be able to say what we want to get our needs met and therefore enjoy a productive life.  The more we learn to speak the more we learn to believe in ourselves and our opinions therefore this chakra is very important to our own self-belief and confidence.  For people that give their opinion with no regard for others there can be a problem with how they developed in this area, communication can be a problem from either side, too strident or too meek, it’s important to find the middle ground.

If the Throat Chakra is in distress we can often feel a lump in our throat, feel restricted, lacking validation, angry due to not having our needs met, dis-empowered, nervous, dominant.

If the Throat Chakra is in balance we can feel empowered, find communication easy, feel confident, honest, integrity, strong, self-assured, individual, creative expression comes easy.


Third Eye Chakra

Healing Elements

  • Crystals:              Fluorite, Sapphire & Quartz Crystal
  • Colour:                 Indigo
  • Incense:               Star Anise
  • Essential Oil:        Rosemary, Clary Sage & Lavender

The Third Eye Chakra is situated in between your two eyebrows.  This is the very core of our inner wisdom and guidance.

It is here that we are in tune with what is to come, what is good for us and the best direction we should be going in with our lives. Our guides reside here with our psychic powers which when developed we all can tap into. Some people are more in tune with their psychic powers but in fact we all have them it’s just to acknowledge it and allow them to be part of your everyday life.

To tap into your psychic self you just need to believe it exists, remove all doubt as doubt creates blocks and just allow yourself to be.

When the third eye is in balance we are totally in tune with our intuition, we can see what is really happening in our lives, we can visualise our past, present and future.  It is with the help of the Third Eye we can make the deepest connection to our spiritual world.

When we are in balance in this chakra we have the confidence to live our lives the way we choose as we know our decisions are good for us, we know we are heading in the right direction.  To develop and nourish our Third eye we must spend time developing our spiritual side (meditation can be good) and believe our intuition when it speaks to us.  We can use our imagination and creative thoughts to expand what is possible for us in this world.

If the Third Eye Chakra is in distress we can often feel depressed, anxious, sensitive, unsure of what we really want from life, have tension headaches, blurred vision, feel apathetic and exhausted.

If the Throat Chakra is in balance we can feel full of the blessings of life, happy, confident in what we want for our lives, astute, alive, awake, strong, in control, powerful in our own life.


Crown Chakra

Healing Elements

  • Crystals:              Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Colour:                Violet
  • Incense:              Lotus
  • Essential Oil:      Sandalwood, Lavender & Jasmine

The Crown Chakra is situated on the top of the head, up where the soft spot is on a baby’s head.  It is here that we are directly linked to creation and our divine being.

It is our connection to the power of creation and it is here that the energy enters the body and goes down the body through all the other Chakras.

It is through this connection we come to understand the meaning of grace. Sitting in silence and allowing the energy of the universe to enter through the Crown Chakra can be the ultimate experience in life. It can bring the most wonderful feeling of peace and serenity, allowing us let go of control and accept what is for us in this life.

It is with the guidance of this Chakra we develop lives that truly work for us. We can also ask for healing energy to enter us at times of sickness and weakness in the body, physically, emotionally or spiritually.  If we open ourselves to the power of healing in time we can feel the energy force move down through all our Chakras.

Using meditation and music can bring us closer to this energy, putting aside logical thought and leaving your mind open to a spiritual experience bring such a peaceful state.  It is when we are in touch we are at our best creatively and our imagination is open to allow us to imagine only the best for us in our lives, what we believe we manifest.

If the Crown Chakra is in distress we can often feel unsure of ourselves, feeling confused, lack inspiration, anxious, depressed, lack of self-confidence, apathy, detachment from self.

If the Crown Chakra is in balance we can feel full of the blessings of life, have the ability to trust in a higher power, we no longer need to control life totally, believe in the power of the spiritual self, knowing you are safe in the world.

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