Thought for Tuesday

Thought for Tuesday

You don’t have a Soul, you are a Soul; you have a Body ( By C.S. Lewis)

Are we not more than flesh and bones?

As we develop, our idea of who we are is developing all the time.  More and more when we turn on the TV, read a magazine or listen to the radio we are hearing about developing our inner selves and the words spiritual and soulful are popping up around us.  Spiritual has long since been associated with religion however now a more personal approach to spirit and soul is developing.  I applaud all those willing to delve into these subjects as in the past those with new ideas were often ridiculed; sometimes it’s hard to be amongst the first of anything.

Growing up we are taught to get educated, get employed, get married, have children, buy a house and this will bring happiness.  Maybe this is not the only direct line to happiness, while it does work for the few it does not work for all.  Perhaps we are masters of our own destiny; maybe how we look at life has a bearing on how life looks at us.

With the development of psychology an understanding of the effects of emotional wellbeing has become common place however now this boundary is being pushed again and we are being asked to accept that there may well be a very personal spiritual element to our lives as well.  There may be a voice within us all that is there to guide us, prompt us when we are gone on the wrong road.  This brings our understanding of spirituality beyond religion.

It just may be the case that we do in fact have more control over the direction of our lives than was once thought, if the new idea of spirit and soul is to be believed we need to spend more time listening to our inner being.

The Soul, it speaks

Even a child’s soul speaks,

Mine did.

I did not know to listen.

It sent messages,

It begged to be heard,

Nobody said to listen,

Perhaps they did not know.

These days maybe we are learning to listen.

Finally if we really stretch our thoughts maybe C.S. Lewis was right and we are not in fact bodies we are souls first and foremost.

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