Thought for Tuesday

Thought for Tuesday

Well it’s here again, comes around like clockwork every 12 months the festive season.  For so many it is a wonderful time of family, children and friends, it is a time to be cherished and remembered. A time of celebration, love, kindness, presents and festivities.   When life is going right it can be the very best time of the year, but that is not always the way sometimes people can have it hard at Christmas.

There are very obvious situations where it is plain to be seen Christmas is not easy, when a family has lost a loved one, when financial hardship has knocked on a door, when family are away from home and then there are also the less obvious the person who is feeling like life has not worked out, where they feel life has disappointed, they have disappointed.

I wrote a blog article a couple of weeks ago about my favourite Christmas movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ I don’t know if you read it but it tells the story of George a man who feels his life was both a failure and ultimately unimportant.

There is something about the Christmas season that makes most of us ponder on our lives and at times there may be periods were we believe our lives were not worthwhile but maybe we could all do with a Guardian Angel visiting us like Clarence visited George in the movie that could show us just how important our lives are to others.  You know there is not a life that does not touch the life of another.

Perhaps we are all caught up in our own worlds but just taking the time to tell another how much they are valued, how much having them in your life means to you, how their very existence has influenced your life can mean so much.  Maybe this Christmas as you are giving your gifts take the time to give the gift of time to those around you too.

After all at different times in life we could all do with a visit from our very own Guardian Angel ‘Clarence’, it helped George why not you and I.



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