We’ve Survived Christmas & New Year

We’ve Survived Christmas & New Year


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.  Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow.  Let reality be reality.  Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. 

By Lao Tzu

 So here we are Christmas and the New Year over and life gets back to normal whatever normal is for each of us.  Did you, like I spend some time mulling over the changes you could make coming into the New Year?  For many there are New Year’s resolutions, promises to do things differently but really it seems to me life dictates how that works in each of our lives.  With all the good intentions in the world the twists and turns of life often decide whether we can keep our well-considered resolutions.

As we go from day to day it seems life brings new experiences which mould us into who we are.  To use a very simplistic analogy your New Year’s Resolution could be to get ‘fit’ and take up running, so getting on with the plan we go out and buy new runners etc. and then bang break a leg. Now why does that happen, it seems it would have been a great idea to get fit so why did life step in and stop it.  You can get angry, sad, fight with life but you still cannot go out running.

I have been faced with many of these times in my life and still struggle with why, why when I planned something which I though was so good for me and so right, why then did life step in and stop me doing it my way.  Was it not right for me at all, was it not right for me at that time, is there a reason at all or is life and its events just random.

So for me the big question is should I just go with the punches and do as Lao Tzu suggests and let life flow naturally and accept when life does not go according to my plan.  If that is the case perhaps the beginning of the year should be more about deciding what we would like to change and then being of a mind set to go with life.  By taking this approach perhaps we would not be disappointed if our new plans do not work out the way we had hoped.

I was just wondering what you thought?



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