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What does the month of your birthday say about you?

What does the month of your birthday say about you?

What does the month of your birth say about you, using Numerology we are able to tell a lot about a person. The month of your birth is equally as important as your zodiac sign with each month resonating to a different energy.  Recognising what the energy surrounding you is and working with it rather than against it can enhance your life.


Understand January births using Numerology:

January births often have innovative ideas and are extremely creative (if only they would realise it).   They are asked to uncover their creative and artistic talents and to have belief in their abilities.  They may struggle at times to face up to facts and not recognise their limitations, often turning inwards in times of stress.   January births are often successful and do well when they become more diplomatic and tactful.  Deep down they are peaceful and able to see the potential in everything.

Famous people born in January: Elvis Presley, Bradley Cooper, Kate Moss and Rod Stewart


Understand February births using Numerology:

February births are asked to be peacemakers (typically they’re not) and to see other peoples’ points of view.  More importantly they are asked to develop their relationships, to show their loved ones they care and have family focus.  To achieve this they will need to develop their cooperative skills and to not allow this to develop into controlling behaviour.  February births are hard workers with a great eye for seeing the bigger picture.  They can sometimes be unrealistic and overcommit themselves.  They are asked to live life to the full and find pleasure in home comforts.

Famous people born in February: Harry Styles, Natalie Imbruglia, Ashton Kutcher and Joe Pesci.


Understand March births using Numerology:

March births want everything now!  They prefer to not wait.  March births are asked to develop focus, to express their creative side and to speak from the heart.  Some may seem distant or even aloof: at times they over analyse and can retreat within themselves.  What would help them is to plan their next step.  March births are asked to learn to deal with change and not work against it.  As this is also the first month of Spring they have been given the natural gift of growth in all areas.  They can also be very dramatic – so watch out!

Famous people born in March: Justin Bieber, Chris Martin, Emeli Sande and Will.I.Am


Understand April births using Numerology:

April births are sensitive, sensitive and sensitive.  They are asked to work hard, be organised and to work with their ambition.  These are talented people who may struggle to follow their ideas through to fruition.  Sometimes forgetting they simply need to just start!  Their sensitivity is a gift when it’s channelled in the right direction.  This beautiful energy can turn its ideas into a reality – once they stop dreaming.  April births make great teachers and come into their own when directing their energies towards others.

Famous people born in April: Eddie Murphy, Heath Ledger, Pharrell Williams and Jeremy Clarkson


Understand May births using Numerology:

May births are asked to live for the moment and to always remember what matters most to them.  Some may prefer to live in a dream world rather than face their reality.  May births have high ideals and may struggle with what they perceive as criticism from others.  They are asked to think before acting.  They tend to need constant stimulation otherwise they are likely to lose interest, finishing projects may be an issue!  They are typically well liked and fun to be with, hence they can have many friends.

Famous people born in May: Adele, Bono, Olly Murs and Megan Fox


Understand June births using Numerology:

June births are fun people.  They benefit when planning their futures and taking on responsibility and put the necessary hard work in.  Their souls want them to have business and financial sense but many never do.  Some may seem aloof or difficult to get to know.  Some may struggle with balancing what they do for others or have trouble reining in their excesses.  June births have great imagination and an ability to make everything seem exciting.  They have the potential to have the world at their feet.  What a beautiful month to be born in.

Famous people born in June: Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Mark Wahlberg and Johnny Depp


Understand July births using Numerology:

July births are asked to be practical, realistic and focus on their potential.  Their heart cries out for them to use their creative skills.  Naturally talented many are known as ‘Jack of all trades’.   Focussing on one of their talents and seeing it through would be beneficial for them.  They possess a natural business talent and often start at the bottom rung of the ladder.  Often they can accomplish what they set out to achieve when they’ve worked out who they are and gained control of self.  Their energies scatter and deplete when upset so it is important to keep their emotions in check at all times.  Moderation is key to this month’s success.  Many are super sensitive and possess psychic abilities.

Famous people born in July: Missy Elliott, Lindsay Lohan, Peter Kay and Tom Cruise


Understand August births using Numerology:

August births have access to an inner guiding light that they are asked to follow.  They can achieve success once they leave their doubts at the door.  Some may preach, others may mistrust, but they are all asked to move with the times.  August births may struggle with their power mad energy and at times may even give it away!  Karma plays a large part in their lives: giving back especially their time to others is key to success.  Fear plays a big part in their lives, they are asked to overcome this and keep moving forward.

Famous people born in August: Barack Obama, Charlize Theron and Whitney Houston


Understand September births using Numerology:

September births are hard working and asked to find the joy in life by living it to the full.  Planning, organising and being flexible are always the order of their day.  Being lazy and taking shortcuts will not work.  September births are asked to be responsible, caring and supportive of others.  They have tremendous inner wisdom if only they could uncover it.  This means they have the ability more than most of turning their dreams into a reality, but they need to be careful of not being led down the garden path.

Famous people born in September: Barry Gibb, Keanu Reeves, Beyonce Knowles and Adam Sandler


Understand October births using Numerology:

October births are natural teachers and counsellors.  They can give selflessly but may struggle to express themselves.  Some detach emotionally and may struggle to deal with others pain.  They have great vision, love romance and always have their eye on the family.  They can be unrealistic, overcommit and some are even extravagant.  They come into their own when they plan for their long-term security.  Some have identity crises not knowing who they are.  This is a beautiful caring loving energy, one that so much is expected of.

Famous people born in October: Harry Hill, Gwen Stefani, Sting and Kate Winslet


Understand November births using Numerology:

November births are similar to September births.  The difference with this month is they are asked to be more open and understanding of others.  Many may struggle with this preferring to be on their own.  They are asked to be charismatic and to go out in the world and help others.  Having a direction and knowing how to get there is key to their success.  Being in touch with their feelings may overwhelm them: their imagination knows no bounds.  Many make great explorers or adventurers.

Famous people born in November: Nelly, Kendall Jenner, Bryan Adams and Gordon Ramsey


Understand December births using Numerology:

December births are asked to control their emotions regardless of what is going on inside.  They come into their own when they stand on their own two feet and recognise their inner power.   Through their many experiences they become diplomatic and tactful, although some never learn this lesson.  They are asked to be courageous and unstoppable in their desire to be successful.  They guide the way for others often showing genius traits that they struggle to cope with.  Some need to be careful of carrying a ‘chip on their shoulder’.  Focussing on something else other than self helps them cope with their anxiety.  They have the ability to change any situation they are not happy or comfortable with.

Famous people born in December: Britney Spears, Ozzy Osbourne, Tyra Banks and Nikki Sixx

Hope you got a better understanding of who you are from the month you were born in, there is lots more to Numerology, keep an eye out for my articles over the coming months.  I will be reading on Psychics Video Live when the live readers section opens soon, I read tarot cards and also use Numerology.



Louise Sullivan xx (Numerologist, tarot card reader, psychic)

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