Who is ‘Archangel Ariel’

Who is ‘Archangel Ariel’

Archangel Ariel otherwise known as the Archangel of Nature. It is Ariel that encourages us to spend time with nature, enjoying the great outdoors. She believes in the healing properties of nature, spending time close to mother earth can often bring insights and recharge our batteries.

When in touch with nature Archangel Ariel would have us believe that miracles can happen, tap into the power of the universe and any wish can come true. While at one with nature she encourages us to leave behind our fears and visualise all we desire as she encourages us to believe it is by doing this we can rise above doubts and succeed. Archangel Ariel encourages us to be imaginative and creative in our thoughts and so leave ourselves open to receiving miracles.

It can be as simple as taking a walk, breathing in fresh air, exercising your body, any connection with nature can bring change, you just need to believe.

We can call upon her to help in any aspect of life that relates to nature, pets, wild animals or environmental issues. If you have a pet that needs healing, call on Archangel Ariel alongside Archangel Raphael, as both together are very powerful indeed.

Remember that the Archangels are waiting for us to call on them.  We live in a time of technology but just because they don’t have mobile phones does not mean they cannot hear you when you call, they are everywhere, just waiting.

Just whisper that’s loud enough….

  • Tap into the power of the Universe: Help me rise above any doubts so I can tap into the power of the universe to help my wishes come true. Bring me closer to nature and all things connected to creativity, allow me see the beauty of all around me so that my imagination can be developed and dreams can be fulfilled.


Healing crystal associated with Archangel Ariel: Rose Quartz



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