Who is ‘Archangel Gabriel’

Who is ‘Archangel Gabriel’

Archangel Gabriel is known as the messenger angel, he is thought to bring messages directly from our higher power. He is the angel for parents and children, creativity and communication.

It is Gabriel that would have us choose our words carefully and would believe in the power of the word, what we say so too shall manifest in our worlds. He encourages us to raise the vibration of our words to bring us to a higher vibration in life, this refers to words both spoken and written. We need to reach this higher vibration in order to experience the nicer side of life.

Often in life when I am going into a difficult situation I call on Gabriel to help me say the right thing.  You know that moment when you have to go and confront a person and you just do not know how you will get the strength or the right words, well that is the moment I most find myself calling on Archangel Gabriel.  In those times when I have called on him he has never yet let me down, he is a very precious angel in my life as I dislike any kind of confrontation.

Gabriel is a very special Archangel in the world of psychics, he is the messenger angel and lets face it the psychic world is all about translating messages and passing them on. During a psychic reading or a tarot card reading Gabriel will be hard at work.

If we should need inspiration in writing a speech or in how to deliver news to a person we should call on Gabriel to guide us.

Gabriel pays special attention to the relationship between parents and children, he encourages us to be patient and kind when times are difficult within our families, call on Gabriel when you need that extra support.

Archangel Gabriel wants us all to connect with our souls; he wants us to experience the clearness of mind that comes with our connection to the divine. He is indeed a most kind, loving, compassionate angel.

As I say each time I speak about the angels, always remember that the Archangels are waiting for us to call on them.  We live in a time of technology but remember just because they don’t have mobile phones does not mean they cannot hear you when you call, they are everywhere, just waiting.  Just whisper that’s loud enough….

Healing crystal associated with Archangel Gabriel: Carnelian


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