Who is ‘Archangel Haniel’

Who is ‘Archangel Haniel’

Also known as ‘Glory of God’ Haniel brings grace into our lives. If you want to bring grace and harmony into your world you should call in Archangel Haniel.

So often we hear the word Grace but what is Grace? It is most definitely a gift from the universe, a gift of love and graciousness.  What words do we connect with the word ‘Grace’, here are a few honour, compassion, forgiving, accepting, loving, humble, elegance, respect, the list goes on…….  To live with Grace in your life is to live in harmony with the world and our natural surroundings, it is indeed a gift.

Archangel Haniel also believes in the use of nature for healing, this can include natural remedies, the power of spending time with nature, the beauty of all things natural in our life, the effect of the planets on our state of being, she encourages us to connect and use these powers for healing. More and more these days we are looking to natural ways to get our lives in balance so Archangel Haniel is an angel that is guiding us back to the more natural ways.

Also Archangel Haniel can help us connect with our intuition, she can help us to open channels which are within us all but can go untapped for a lifetime. She believes we are all psychic as we all experience gut feelings however many of us just do not develop this talent, ask Archangel Haniel and she will help you listen to the deeper messages coming from within yourself. Psychics of all types would call on Archangel Haniel for support and for guidance, in fact when you speak to psychics about psychic gifts most would say we all have the ability to be psychic, it is just a matter of developing it and believing.

Remember that the Archangels are waiting for us to call on them.  We live in a time of technology but just because they don’t have mobile phones does not mean they cannot hear you when you call, they are everywhere, just waiting.

Just whisper that’s loud enough….

Healing crystal associated with Archangel Haniel: Moonstone



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