Who is ‘Archangel Uriel’

Who is ‘Archangel Uriel’

So why call on Archangel Uriel?  Archangel Uriel is a very special Angel and getting to know more about him could in fact change your life so why not take a minute or two and read on…..

There is not one of us that has not lost our way at one time or another in our lives and if we are very honest it is a frightening place to find yourself. Uriel means ‘Gods light’ and it is believed he is so named because he brings light to situations and this light heralds warnings. This light can help us see the way when we are lost and it can allow us to understand that which seemed impossible to understand in our physical, emotional and our spiritual lives.

When studying call on Archangel Uriel to help with understanding as he shines light on subjects which we often find difficult.  Especially at this time of year Archangel Uriel comes into his own with so many preparing for exams.  I was so terrified of exams when I was younger (probably still am) and I think had I understood the role of Archangels back then I would have found such solace in having Archangel Uriel sit the exams with me. Thats the thing about Archangels you can bring them everywhere with you.

Everywhere we look these days we are encouraged to think positively.  In fact one of the biggest selling books of the last years was The Secret and what is that based on, ‘thinking positive’.  Well long before The Secret was published Archangel Uriel was encouraging us to turn our positive thoughts into realities; he believes that our thoughts manifest into our reality therefore it is very important that we put positive energy into thought, so when you are finding positive thought difficult call on Archangel Uriel for support.  Often it can be hard to continue with positive thought no matter how important we know it is to bringing change into our lives, it is at these times that Archangel Uriel can support us.

Archangel Uriel supports those who channel messages from the divine, he helps them to hear and see as clearly as possible. He supports messages sent to us all from the divine through thought; he helps us develop the ability to listen to these thoughts and to believe them.  He can be a great support to psychics, mediums, intuitive’s of all natures but remember we are all psychic to an extent and calling Archangel Uriel into your life and asking for the ability to see more can really enhance how you live your life.  We all have a gut and how often do we say after the event, I should have listened to my gut!!!

As I say each time I speak about the angels, always remember that the Archangels are waiting for us to call on them.  We live in a time of technology but remember just because they don’t have mobile phones does not mean they cannot hear you when you call, they are everywhere, just waiting.  Just whisper that’s loud enough….

Healing crystal associated with Archangel Uriel: Opal



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