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Can Numerology shed a light on who my dog really is??

Can Numerology shed a light on who my dog really is??

Would you believe that the ancient art of Numerology can tell you more about your dogs personality?

Firstly, let me tell you about Numerology based on the word Dog – Dogs live in hope and are eternal students.  Their path is similar to that of humans, they are optimistic, over analysing and can be of a fragile nature.  They want to believe in a higher power than themselves, you.  At times they are baffled by our reactions and truly want to put their faith and trust in us.

To give you an example of a numerology reading for a dog let me tell you about two dogs that live together, the first one is Millie the younger of the dogs and the second is Penny the elder.

Millie’s profile reading – Millie was born on 7th March 2009.  As well as a first name of Millie she also has a show name of Bocie Lass.

Millie’s profile shows her as quite a formidable opponent.  She is fiercely loyal and caring.  She worries a lot about being liked by her owners and being wanted.

Her date of birth gives her lessons in his lifetime surrounding thinking before she responds or acts.

Her first name of Millie is a master number that shows her as caring and loving.  Some of the lessons from her first name surround learning to be with a family and following the rules.  I am aware Millie lives with another dog; this may mean Millie at times wants to control the other dog but also gives in a lot as well.  She is also quite a supportive dog.  She instinctively knows when her owner(s) is down or unwell and wants to help.

Her show name is the same energy of the dog she lives with.  This may mean they confuse each other at times.  Both want security and can work hard. Millie is a beautiful caring dog.

And the second dog

Penny’s profile reading – Penny born on 15th September 2008.  As well as a first name of Penny she also has a show name of Jill’s Pet.

Penny’s date of birth shows her rushing around and full of action.  In human eyes Penny would be seen as a fanatic!  Always seeking answers.  Penny may also withdraw a lot and mull over things while trying to understand them.

Penny’s profile shows she may be a bit of a follower and may give in a little to the other dog she lives with.  She possibly doesn’t like being on her own and loves it when her owner(s) are around.  Penny has a gentle energy and may pick up on human’s negative energy when they come into her home.  This can affect her.

Her first name of Penny equals to a master number in Numerology, it means she may be quite anxious at times and always wants to please.  Penny is also possibly quite sensitive and may see energies around her home that her humans do not see.  She may even bark at things that once again her humans cannot see.

Her show name of Jill’s Pet is one of working at the opportunities that come along for her.  She has enthusiasm and lots of ambition to please.  Although when in a pack such as when she attends shows she may feel more challenged.  Penny is a thoughtful ‘psychic’ dog.

In the two examples above I had the dogs name, date of birth and show names as both dogs were pedigrees however it is possible to do a numerology reading on your dog just knowing its name.  I know it sounds crazy but it is so possible to get to understand your pet more using Numerology.

This week if you comment on Facebook showing your dogs name you will be in with a chance of having a free Numerology reading done for your dog.  If you happen to have the dogs date of birth send that too but it is not essential.  If you have ever wondered what is going on in that crazy, lovely little mind this may just give you that insight.



Louise Sullivan xxx (Numerologist, tarot card reader & psychic)


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