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The Dragon is the fifth animal in the Chinese 12 year calendar.


As the word dragon suggests those born in this year tend to be energetic, dynamic, lively and authoritative.  They are a formidable force to be reckoned with once they set their mind to something.  In the face of adversary they show great courage, they rarely back down if there is a wrong to be righted.  They are always good to have on your side as they will never let you down.

They are ambitious people who tend to know what they want and be prepared to walk over hot coals to get their hearts desire, be it in career or in love.  Very little stands in their way, in fact the more obstacles there are, the harder they are prepared to fight.  Because they are intelligent they are very hard to fool, they are quick witted and quick thinkers.

They dislike surface relationships; they build strong friendships and allegiances and spend little to no time talking about the trivial in life.  They are interested in fact and practical matters and subjects that matter.  

Their company is often sought as they are eager, passionate and excited and great to be around, their company is uplifting and often empowering.  It is difficult not to feel enthused in their company.

If there is a negative to this type of personality it is that they can be blunt and say things that can hurt, added to this they need to keep a lid on their anger, often they can experience flashes of temper and say something before they have given the matter in front of them due consideration.


  • Element:  Earth
  • Favourable colour:  Gold & Silver
  • Unfavourable colour:   Green
  • Compatible with:   Snake, Tiger & Rat
  • Least compatible with:  Ox, Dog & Sheep/goat
  • Lucky Gemstone:  Amethyst
  • Polarity:  Yang
  • Lucky flowers:  Hyacinth & Dragon Flowers
  • Lucky numbers:  1, 6, 7.

Health Risks

As the name of the year may suggest to you they can experience problems with liver and gallbladder, down to the existence of bile. They may suffer tension however they blow off steam quiet a lot so it tends not to have a lasting impact.

Famous people born in the Year of the Dragon:

Russell Crowe, John Lennon, Rihanna, Calista Flockhart, Sandra Bullock, Nicholas Cage, Bruce Lee, Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell.