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The Pig is the twelfth animal in the Chinese 12 year calendar.


Those born in the year of the pig are smart with a questioning nature, truthful, dependable and noble.  They have the kindest hearts and are just lovely to spend time with, when they take you under their wing they will make sure you feel cared for and loved. 

They enjoy company, they are chatty and full of life and fun.  If you are lucky enough to be friends with a person born in this year you will have the most loyal friend imaginable.  They will almost be so caring that they will put your needs ahead of their own.

They always look on the bright side of life, their glass is always half full.  They enjoy parties and spending time in social circumstances with others, they love eating and drinking, ‘eat drink and be merry’ is a saying that suits them.

They enjoy learning and testing their minds, they can get bored if their minds are not stimulated.  They work hard and they play hard, they have an ideal combination.  They are excellent organisers; they are honest and trustworthy and therefore are excellent workers.  They work on their own initiative they do not need constant direction.

They enjoy a peaceful existence, they are lovers not haters, and they make adoring lovers.  Their love of peace is a joy to be around; it adds a sense of calm to every situation.

If there is a negative side to the pig it is that they can be taken advantage of, they think the best of almost everyone and tend to believe what they are told too readily. 


  • Element:  Water
  • Favourable colour:  Purple, Yellow & Gray
  • Unfavourable colour:  Red, Blue & Green
  • Compatible with:  Rabbit & Goat
  • Least compatible with:  Monkey & Snake
  • Lucky Gemstone:  Ruby
  • Polarity:  Yin
  • Lucky flowers:  Hydrangea
  • Lucky numbers:  5 & 8

Health Risks

To stay healthy they need to keep their food intake to a reasonable level.  They have a tendency to indulge in the nicer things in life.

Famous people born in the Year of the Pig:

Kevin Spacey, Carrie Underwood, Julie Andrews, Woody Allen, Stephan King, Amy Winehouse, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger.