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The Sheep/Goat is the eight animal in the Chinese 12 year calendar.


People born in this year tend to be both creative and imaginative, they enjoy aesthetically pleasing objects around them, and their homes are often interesting places to visit.  They have pleasant, alluring personalities and are often charismatic and enchanting company.

They particularly love to spend time with family; they have very close family ties, possibly linked back to the herd animal instinct.  They will always look out for their loved ones making sure they are safe and taken care of, they will go the extra mile for family, even if they move away they will always retain links.

They pay attention to how they present themselves physically, they enjoy looking classy and chic, but they may not do it necessarily in a conventional way as their creative eye tends to make them quiet individual in their taste.

With their personality they find it easy to make friends and to keep them, most of their friendships last for life.  They will usually put more effort into their personal lives and relationships, they rarely put career first.  They will take their time to make friends however; one would be mistaken to think they will jump in without giving time to decide what they really think about the person in question, being of a sweet nature does not make them a pushover or mean they do not know their own mind.

If there is a negative to this personality it is that they can feel unsure about themselves, they need to be confident in who they are and portray that confidence to the world.


  • Element:  Earth
  • Favourable colour:  Green
  • Unfavourable colour:  Black, Brown & Gold
  • Compatible with:  Rabbit, Pig & Horse
  • Least compatible with:  Ox, Dog and Tiger
  • Lucky Gemstone:  Emerald
  • Polarity:  Yin
  • Lucky flowers:  Carnation & Primrose
  • Lucky numbers:  3, 4 & 12

Health Risks

A mostly healthy year, they need to stay close to loved ones to remain healthy emotionally, exclusion does not work for them.  Calmness is very important to their general well being.

Famous people born in the Year of the Sheep/Goat:

Jane Austen, Barbara Walters, Bruce Willis, Boris Becker, Matt LeBlanc, Julia Roberts, Rudolph Valentino, Bruce Willis.