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The Snake is the sixth animal in the Chinese 12 year calendar.


You would never want to underestimate those born in the year of the snake, although quiet, modest and unpretentious they are strong individuals.  They are independent thinkers and dislike people trying to influence their decisions.  They give their time to things that matter to them.

They do not take others into their confidence easily but once you get close to them you can be sure that they have made a firm decision that they like and respect you.  Being alone is not difficult for them and they would rather be alone than surrounded by lots of people they do not know and more to the point may have no interest in getting to know.

They are wise and work mostly from their gut; they are very good at taking their own council.  They have the ability to be logical and rational in their approach to problem solving. Because they know instinctively to listen to themselves first they tend to become very astute and shrewd and others trust what they have to say.

Although not known as fickle people they are fond of making money as they like to surround themselves with beautiful things.  However even with their love for beautiful things they are good with money; they know how to save for a rainy day. When and if they chose they are masters of charm and if they set their heart on someone they are particularly good at pulling out all stops to win their heart.

If there is a negative to this personality type it is that they can make it difficult for people that are not in their council to spend time with them, they can come across as aloof and uncaring and at times make others uncomfortable in their company.


  • Element:  Fire
  • Favourable colour:  Black, Red & Light Blue
  • Unfavourable colour:   Brown, Gold & White
  • Compatible with:   Ox, Rooster & Dragon
  • Least compatible with:  Snake, Rabbit, Sheep/goat
  • Lucky Gemstone:  Opal
  • Polarity:  Yin
  • Lucky flowers:  Orchid & Cactus
  • Lucky numbers: 3, 8, 9.

Health Risks

Those born in this year need to pay attention to their skin, they need to attend to any skin problems when they arise, although the snake has a very thick, strong skin they are prone to injury. They need to live life at a calm pace to stay healthy mentally and emotionally.

Famous people born in the Year of the Snake:

Elizabeth Hurley, Muhammad Ali, Demi Moore, Kim Basinger, Jacqueline Onassis, Carol King, Martin Luther King.