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Jan 20th – Feb 18th

Aquarius is the most dutiful and humanitarian sign of the zodiac. They are particularly suited to fighting for justice and human rights issues, taking seriously the plights of others and will put stringent efforts into changing unjust situations.

Due to their nature they are a much loved and respected sign of the zodiac. They are great speakers and can engage an audience with ease. Many are swayed by their views and opinions and believe they are capable of bringing change whether to the population at large or to the individual.

Aquarians must take action as one of the drawbacks of this sign is that they can talk the talk but they do not always walk the walk. In many cases it is up to the Aquarian whether they succeed or fail as nature has provided them with all the advantages they need to succeed; it just depends on their ability to put these advantages into action.

Aquarius in Love

Aquarius enjoy being in love however they do not like their lives to be limited by a partner, they do not perform well in relationships which have boundaries. They can be quiet distant in their approach to a relationship and guard their independence closely. Although they enjoy a partnership they take their time getting deeply involved. They like their partner to share household chores and to remain independent also. They retain friendships and acquaintances long into their relationships and expect their partners to retain individual relationships, they enjoy variety in life. Aquarians can be uncomfortable with their feelings however they are loyal and devoted lovers once they have the personal space to pursue their own interests. As they are known for their charismatic personality they do not find it difficult to attract romantic interests. Their humanitarian beliefs and their ability to speak in a way that empowers people make them a very attractive sign. Best romantic partnerships: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra and Leo

Aquarius and health:

Aquarians are a healthy sign, not usually associated with prolonged attacks of serious illness. They may experience problems with circulation in hands and feet which can cause on-going difficulties. They may also have problems with veins around the body most specifically varicose veins.

Aquarius and career:

Typical careers associated with this sign are scientist, astrologer, aid worker, education, lecturer, law, community work, spirituality, engineer, etc. Aquarians love diversity in the work place, they enjoy working with others, developing ideas and concepts and seeing them through to fruition.

Aquarius on Holiday:

Aquarians tend to plan a holiday just before they go; they do not spend much time planning where to go or where to stay. They are not party animals and do enjoy peace and quiet when they are away.

Aquarius and fashion:

Aquarians like to develop their own sense of dress; they do not necessarily follow fashion trends. Although they do not adhere to fashion in the main they are not outlandish dressers. They stick to convention most of the time.


Famous People who share Aquarius

Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Marie Presley, Garth Brooks, Ellen Degeneres

Oprah, Christian Bale, John Travolta, Rihanna