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June 22nd – July 22nd

Cancerians are thought to be shy people who retreat into themselves and spend time in deep thought. These periods of time can be very productive and can often lead to great movement forwards in their lives. However, as they tend to operate on quiet a deep emotional level this can often lead to highs and lows.

They are wonderful observers of people and behaviours and are often happiest observing those around them. Cancer can be good company as they can be very funny and entertaining at times. Spiritual growth can be very important to Cancer and in the main they are charitable people that give generously.

They strive for security, they love their homes and it is at home that they seek to find the security they crave in life. They are good hosts, will have an orderly house and like to spend time tending to their gardens. They are very loving and kind towards their family and friends however a negative side to the sign is they worry too much about family and tend to be overly protective.

Cancer in Love

For Cancer they are most comfortable in love when all environmental factors are in place, they like on-going affection, a good home life with money in the bank. When Cancer falls in love it is expected to last for life, they are steadfast in their love and put their partner and family first in everything. They are trustworthy and faithful and a constant in the lives of those they love. They do not like to be rejected and therefore tend to leave the first moves to the other person. They dislike any disapproval and become upset and deeply wounded in love by criticism. It is very important to them to be the strength in the relationship, to be there totally for their partner to lean on. Although they like to bring a sense of security to the relationship with their strength, in order for their relationship to succeed and thrive their partner must in turn succeed in making them feel secure. With the sense of security and attention a relationship with Cancer can last a lifetime. Best romantic partnerships: Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.

Cancer and health:

Cancer are mostly healthy however when they become ill they do best when those in their lives give them time and attention. They mostly suffer from stomach problems, ulcers, heartburn, nausea etc. At times they can tend towards depression as they do not cope well with feeling isolated in sickness.

Cancer and career:

Typical careers associated with this sign are nutrition, restaurant managers, bakers, social services, gardeners, navy, travel related occupations, counseling, politics, etc. Cancer are very neat and organised in the workplace, they enjoy responsibility and push hard in life for achievement.

Cancer on Holiday:

Once Cancer find a holiday destination they enjoy they like to visit it often. They do not feel the need to visit new places each holiday; their motto is why change when the tried and tested works. They particularly enjoy beach holidays as they love to holiday near to water.

Cancer and fashion:

Those born under Cancer mostly dress according to how they feel on a particular day. They are equally fond of vivid or muted colours depending on their emotions. In general they enjoy casual clothes however for occasions they have a talent for mixing and matching clothes to make attractive outfits.


Famous People who share Cancer

Prince William, Pamela Lee Anderson, Cyndi Lauper, Meryl Streep

Dalai Lama, Meredith Baxter, Jerry Hall, Anna Paquin