Zodiac Leo

July 23rd – August 22nd

Those born under Leo are known as ‘king of the jungle’ and therefore known for their strong personality and courage. Leo likes to be in charge and their intention is to take prime position in all situations. However, hard to believe as it is they do in fact at times suffer from a lack of self-belief.

They are the life and soul of a party, they like to be the centre of attention, enjoy the limelight and may use bullying to get where they want to be. When they are in the position they crave so much they can be very interesting company, full of wit, love and fun.

At home Leo likes to be in charge as they have a tendency to believe they are superior and that their opinion is the right one, apologising is not top of their agenda. Once secure they can create a very warm hospitable home. They enjoy entertaining and relaxing among friends as they are sociable, gregarious and extraverted.

Leo in Love

Know as ‘King of The Jungle’ Leo in love is a very protective and caring partner. In love they thrive becoming happier people, enjoying all the attention and romance that comes with a relationship. Love enhances their lives and they almost seem to take on a new personal which exudes pride and confidence. When feeling loved Leo will give up a lot for their partner. Leo are very loyal and generous lovers and expect total loyalty in return, as they have large egos they need their partners to hold them in high esteem. Leo enjoy onlookers envying their relationship, they are happiest when others believe they have a love that most only dream of experiencing in life. They do not cope well with ending a relationship as it means failure which is a blow to their ego. Best romantic partnerships: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Leo and health:

Leo are not often sick as they have very strong, robust bodies. They do tend towards accidents and mishaps and can often inflict injury on themselves. As they rarely experience sickness they do not always take care of themselves when they do fall ill. As we already know Leo enjoys being the centre of attention in life, this follows thought to illness where they also like to be the centre of attention.

Leo and career:

Typical careers associated with this sign are public relations, acting, sales, any position of power, accountants, judges, managers, doctors, promotions, etc. Leo like to take pole position so it is hardly surprising that they do very well in positions of power and prestige. They have great self-confidence and charisma and this makes it easy for them to get others behind them in projects.

Leo on Holiday:

Leo love to holiday in style, they would be more likely to be found in 5 star hotels than on campsites. They enjoy being fussed over and spoilt on holidays rather than partaking in the great outdoors. Relaxation is first on their agenda, activity and adventure falls to the bottom of their wish list where holidays are concerned.

Leo and fashion:

Leo are fond of fashion not least because it brings them attention, glamour is not their look they are more attracted to well-designed and sophisticated clothes. They do not shy away from colour or mixing fabrics to get the look they desire, this often gives them the ability to make casual look


Famous People who share Leo

Matt LeBlanc, Madonna, Jackie Kennedy, Matthew Perry

Melanie Griffith, Sandra Bullock, Loni Anderson, Danielle Steele