Zodiac Libra

Sept 23rd – Oct 22nd

Libra is the sign of intuition; those born under this sign are particularly good at telling good from bad using instinct. They should trust their gut feeling when weighing up a situation as it rarely lets them down. If they listen to the opinions of others or think too much about a situation they can override their original opinion and this can send them in the wrong direction

Those born under the sign of Libra are very sincere, they tend to lean towards fairness and give others the benefit of the doubt, however they can be blinded by the shortcomings of others. This often means they are let down by those who do not have the same high standards.

Libra are loving and romantic and make good companions. Great efforts are put into creating a friendly environment at home and creating a place of rest and relaxation to be enjoyed by all the family however they dislike when this is taken for granted.

Libra in Love

Libra like to be in love, they enjoy the idea of love and the notion of sharing their life with another, and they enjoy romance and romantic settings. In a relationship they are quiet easy going and pleasant. Although they tend to be dependent emotionally they are happy once getting attention from their partner. While they are generous with their affections towards their loved one they like their partner to pursue their own interests while they get on with their own lives. They thrive on love and will forgive shortcomings once love is present. They are not public in their displays of affection; they prefer to keep their love life private. They like their partner to admire and respect them. If a relationship ends they will leave in a dignified manner and hope to find love again soon. Best romantic partnerships: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Aquarius.

Libra and health:

Libra are best left alone when sick, they do not like attention. It is a healthy sign, not prone to regular illnesses. They can at times suffer from back and neck problems but it is rarely serious. They recover easily and are very resilient. They can at times suffer from kidney and bladder problems.

Libra and career:

Typical careers associated with this sign are medicine, law, design, art dealers, lecturers, diplomats, actors, writers, salespeople, planners, chemists, etc. Libra can often have a different approach to problems in work than most and it is this unique problem solving ability that stands to them in the workplace. They are good mediators and have a very balanced approach in work.

Libra on Holiday:

Libra enjoy the 5 star holiday approach, they love pampering and luxury. Their idea of a perfect holiday is packed with facials, massages, seaweed baths, fine dining and expensive wines.

Libra and fashion:

Libra like to look chic is clothes, they love fashion and will spend money to complete a look that they like. They enjoy dressing for the moment and you will usually find they dress appropriately for each occasion. They are good at keeping up to date with fashion trends.


Famous People who share Libra

Katy Perry, Sting, Hillary Clinton, Simon Cowell

Ivanka Trump, Kate Winslet, Sharon Osbourne, Sigourney Weaver