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Oct 23rd – Nov 21st

Those born under the Scorpio sign tend to be calculated and successful risk takers. They rarely shy away from situations but rather meet them head on. This sign is intuitive by nature and when they realise all is not as it seems they are willing to wait before they act.

As with their counterpart in nature they can be very adept at delivering their sting. An intelligent sign they can comprehend most subjects, match this with a strong will to succeed and you will discover a very competent character. They are capable of great successes and achievements and have great abilities however they need to be in charge and therefore may not always be popular, not that this would really worry a Scorpio.

They are not the most diplomatic sign in the zodiac, in many situations it is their way or no way. Scorpio rarely back down from confrontation. They are very protective around their homes and they like to feel they are self-sufficient as relying on others is not an option.

Scorpio in Love

Scorpio do well in love, it inspires their lives and drives them forward. When they love it is all consuming and if you are the partner of a Scorpio you will be loved intensely. Even though at times they may feel they are emotionally dependent on their partner they would not allow anybody including their partner to know this. For a sign that loves so deeply they do not like public displays of emotion however in private they enjoy overt displays of emotion and physical attraction to their partner is very important. Because their love is all consuming they can be possessive and domineering. They expect total faithfulness and loyalty and enjoy the gentleness and affection that they get from their relationship. They do not take the end of a relationship kindly. Scorpio rarely forgive and forget after a relationship has ended, they may seek to cause pain or suffering to the other party. Best romantic partnerships: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

Scorpio and health:

Scorpio can suffer from problems with their reproductive and digestive systems. However they are most likely to suffer from self-inflicted injury as they are always in a hurry. They have the ability to recover most illness quickly which is just as good as they do not make easy patients.

Scorpio and career:

Typical careers associated with this sign are spies, detectives, soldiers, pathologists, scientists, contractors, engineers, real estate agents, acting, researchers etc. Scorpio love to solve problems so any career which allows them to solve problems or mysteries will suit their personalities well.

Scoripo on Holiday:

Scorpio like to holiday alone or with family and friends, they do not enjoy the company of strangers on holiday and can resent having to make an effort in company. They love to visit interesting places and explore new lands. They would be happy on a safari in Africa or deep in the rain forest.

Scorpio and fashion:

Scorpio are known for their passionate natures and they like to express this passion in their dress. They enjoy more than a hint of the provocative in their dress choice. They enjoy clothes that show off their curves and body shape. Colour is always a part of their wardrobe.


Famous People who share Scorpio

Kelly Osbourne, Anne Hathaway, Winona Ryder, Goldie Hawn

Emma Stone, Meg Ryan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Leonardo DiCaprio