Zodiac Virgo

August 23rd – September 22nd

The Virgo mind is alert and analytical; they take note of all facts and have a great memory for detail, with inquisitive minds they are always probing and examining. They do not indulge in or really understand fantasy; their minds are based in practicality.

They are hard workers always paying attention to detail, it is sometimes through their attention to detail that they achieve great success. Once they put their mind to something they rarely fail. Although not the most tactile of signs they love deeply and faithfully. Their family and friends are a very important part of their lives. When giving an opinion they are very honest, praising when appropriate and equally being critical when it is needed.

They love their home and like to make it centre of their world, they enjoy all things domestic. Virgo make good bosses, they are diplomatic, listen to those around them always trying to find the best solution.

Virgo in Love

Virgo make very loyal and steadfast lovers. They are not dramatic lovers but dependable and kind especially when those they love need their attention and caring. The person they fall in love with has to be of high character, they like their partner to have a sense of decorum and dignity. Virgo do not make overt expressions of their love, they are very private and shy away from brash people who wish to show their love to the world. They are loyal lovers and need to be partnered with a person that can show them devotion. They like their partners to be aware of their feelings and to be kind to them when they feel overwhelmed. Although they expect their relationships to last forever, having tried and failed they will be practical and end their relationship. Once ended they will rarely go back on their decision as a lot of painstaking thought will have gone into making the decision. Best romantic partnerships: Aries, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces.

Virgo and health:

Virgo are known to be the hypochondriac’s of the zodiac signs. Although they worry a lot over their health they are in fact quite a healthy sign. As health is one of their biggest concerns they do tend to invest time and effort into their well being. It is not unknown for a Virgo to imagine illness. The weakest part of their bodies is their digestive system; they may have problems with their intestines.

Virgo and career:

Typical careers associated with this sign are auditors, accountants, teachers, office administrator, publishers, writers, jobs which need attention to detail. Virgo are scrupulous at work, they are painstaking in their approach to detail and exacting standards. They are very reliable and straight in their dealings with nothing left to chance.

Virgo on Holiday:

Virgo will rarely go on a holiday that has not been researched and planned. They like to have all bases covered and not be met with any nasty surprises when they arrive at their destination. Before they leave for their holiday they will have a list of all the places of interest they should visit in the area, they like to make the most out of their time away to experience all that is on offer.

Virgo and fashion:

Virgo are easy to dress as they look good in most clothes. They are known for picking good fitting clothes and although thought to be conventional they often wear figure hugging outfits. Simple yet sophisticated tends to suit Virgo.


Famous People who share Virgo

Michael Jackson, Hugh Grant, Cameron Diaz, Nichole Richie

Shania Twain, Ben Affleck, Beyoncé, Catherine Zeta Jones